WS15 Anniversary Logo Design Competition

WS15 Logo Design Competition 和聲十五標誌設計比賽A logo design competition is organized in March to kick off the College 15th Anniversary Celebration Programme.

Dr. Harry LEE, Chairperson of the Committee of Overseers, sponsored the gift for the Best Design Award.

The competition attracted more than 110 submissions from over 40 students and alumni. After reviewing and voting, the College announced the award winners through social media broadcast on 20 April.


WS “14+1“ Lucky Draw

WS 14+1 Lucky Draw 大抽獎To encourage students to pay attention to the College’s social media, the College held the “14+1Lucky Draw” campaign. A lucky draw was to be conducted with the process livestreamed.

Prof. Joseph LAU, the College Master, randomly picked up 15 students who commented on a designated IG post. The gifts included the College’s souvenirs and a wireless speaker. 


“My Favorite Souvenir“ Poll

WS15 Souvenir Poll 紀念品投票 In order to understand students’ preferences and needs, the College held a “My Favorite Souvenir” poll through Instagram. Six practical items were selected for voting in a time-limited posting.

During the 24-hour campaign, the posting reached an average of 1,350 people, with an average of nearly 300 people voting for each souvenir, for an overall participation rate of about 22%.

At the end, the water bottle was the most popular souvenir with 288 votes (88%). Three lucky winners were drawn by Prof. Lau Joseph. They can receive a water bottle and an engraving service. They were dr


WS15 Anniversary Photo Collection


WS15 photo assembly 和聲十五相片大集合 On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Lee Woo Sing College, the college is organizing the “WS 15th Anniversary Photo Assembly”. 

Submission of photos with the elements of “W”, “S”, “1” and “5”. All the photos collected will be collaged in a WS15 mosaic backdrop at the opening ceremony of the 15th anniversary of Lee Woo Sing College. 

Participants who successfully submit their photos and meet the criteria will receive a WS15 token in late September. During the 15th anniversary of Lee Woo Sing College, a toy capsule vending machine will be set up in the ground floor at lobby, where you can twist an egg once with the token.


Lee Woo Sing College 15th Anniversary Opening Ceremony

WS15 Opening Ceremony 和聲書院15週年開幕禮The opening ceremony was held on 14 October 2022 from 7pm to 10pm at LG2, Lee Woo Sing College. All CUHK members are cordially invited to join us, the ceremony consists of game booths and beer drinking. Besides, there is a Team Beer Competition. All participants of the ceremony would earn tokens for gacha game.

Watch the event highlight here: 


WS15 backdrop

WS15After a month, we collected over 200 photo submissions from students, teachers and alumni. We have created a special WS15 backdrop, which will be unveiled for the first time at the opening ceremony. The backdrop will be displayed on the outside wall of Cafe Tolo and will be open to the public for photos.


DARE Scheme

DAREThe DARE Scheme conducted by the College, students and alumni get the chance to participate in workshops on pitching skills and put them into practice: persuading the selection panel to fund your their ideal. They can get a maximum amount of $50,000.

The Wall of Hundred Harmony

Wall of HarmonyTo celebrate 15th anniversary of the College, the College collaborates with Mr. CHEUNG Shing Hung to create an art piece “The Wall of Hundred Harmony”. It consists of more than 100 tiles with the Chinese character of “Woo” (Harmony) engraved by WS members. This art piece will be installed at the entrance of the College.

WS students and donators can join the Wall of Harmony workshop to create a tile with the Chinese character of “Woo”. It will become a part of piece of the art piece.


WS15 Vertical Run

WS15 Vertical Run Poster-miniIn order to enhance students’ and teachers’ awareness of the College and to build up their sense of belonging to the College, “WS15 Vertical Run” will be held after the Lunar New Year holidays. We hope that the WS students and teachers will be lucky in the Year of Rabbit.


CUHK 60th cum WS 15th celebration concert: Sparkling in Harmony

Spakrling in Harmony Concert 閃爍和諧音樂會

A joint celebration of CU60 and WS15 connecting CUHK members through music. LWS Choir will collaborate with various parties, such as Diligentia College from CUHK(SZ), senior management, teachers, and alumni.

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