Non-local (Mainland
China) Admissions

HI, I'm Tiger

I admitted to Lee Woo Sing College via non-local (mainland China) channel.

Let me show you what you need to know to prepare for your admission to my College.

A Quick Introduction

First of all, let us watch an introductory video conducted by our Dean of Students, Prof. Ellis Fok. You will get know about my College and programmes we organize quickly in just 7 minutes. If you wish to learn more about my College, click on the links below.

Positive and Caring Experience

Lee Woo Sing College advocates harmony, positive and care. Since its establishment, the College has always been student-oriented and dedicated to providing students with comprehensive care and a positive College experience. Students are the basic and most important component of the College. Therefore, we take care of our students from their daily living, their physical and spiritual needs, as well as their whole person development in every possible way. We launched the Onboarding Programme for Year One Students as part of our enhancement of student care and counselling services for all year one students. For details, please click the link below.

Requirements of General Education Courses

You are required to complete a compulsory “Exploration of Self, University and Hong Kong” course(3 units) and an elective course (3 units) of your choice to fulfill College General Education requirements.


In addition, you are required to attend at least two College Assemblies/ High Table Dinner in each term of study. For details, please click the links below.

Campus and Facilities

The College buildings are designed to blend in with their natural surroundings, and most dorm rooms enjoy beautiful views, whether of green and pleasant mountains or the gorgeous scenery offered by Tolo Harbour. To add colour to college life, the College has also beefed up its communal facilities. Click on the video to watch our VR campus tour or click on the links below for more.

Hostel Application

College’s residential experience is a unique and defining feature of University life. Our hostel features more than simply the hostel itself: it includes own dining, recreational, fitness and music facilities, plus dedicated groups of wardens, tutors, hostel staff who work hard to care for each individual student in the College family.


Non-local students are guaranteed for on-campus residence for 3 years throughout their studies in our College. Click on the video to watch the application procedures and points to note.

Care for Non-local students

We understand students from overseas and Mainland China may encounter problems in cultural difference and living adjustment. Our Wardens and hostel tutors provide personal and living adjustment counselling for non-local students. They organize celebration activities during major festivals as well. Non-local mentors under the Onboarding Programme for Year One Students will help and advise non-local freshmen in adapting University life and College cultures, so as to make our College their “home-away-from-home”.


To further enhance understanding of local and foreign cultures among students, the College organizes large-scale cultural promotion events (as part of the G.E. programme) every year.

Overseas Exchange and Experiential Learning

The College offers both long-term and short-term exchange programmes for students. Long-term (or term exchange) programmes covers regions in Europe (UK, Denmark, Finland, Sweden…), Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, China) and North America (USA & Canada). 

A series of cultural experience programmes (or short-term exchange) is organized in summer and winter break every year. Previous/ future programmes include trip to Western Australia (Perth), Uzbekistan, South Korea, Cambodia and mainland China, etc.

Scholarships and Bursaries

The College provides a full range of scholarships and bursaries for students. There are dedicated admission scholarship awards for non-local students to apply. A total of $1 million of admission scholarships are to be offered in 2021/22 (Only students chosen WS as their first choice may apply for the admission scholarships). For more information, please click the links below.