WS Green Practices

Lee Woo Sing College is committed to green management and education, and is the leading green College in CUHK. The College fully support any forms of green measurements which are good to the Earth. With different green measurements, the aim is to raise public concern on environment protection.

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Bring Your Own and Say No to Plastic


Lee Woo Sing College has become CUHK’s first college to completely ditch plastic straws! The College’s catering outlets will now provide paper straws only upon request by customers, and have replaced plastic stirrers with wooden ones as well. It is estimated that more than 90,000 plastic straws and 60,000 plastic stirrers would be saved each year! Further measures to ditch plastic disposables include: charging each type of disposables individually, and introducing paper takeaway lunchboxes and wooden takeaway cutlery.

Lee Woo Sing College encourages canteen customers to bring their own container and cutleries when buying take-away meal. Extra charge is required if the customers request for environmental friendly take-away containers and cutleries.

Food Waste Collection


Lee Woo Sing Collage’s canteen is the first canteen that set up a self-served food waste collection station. After meals, students have to separate their food wastes and dishes according to classification from the station. It aims to develop students’ concern on the food wastes they produced. The food wastes are collected by the appointed contractor of CPSO for further treatment and upcycle afterwards. 

Recycle Facilities

Difference kinds of recycle facilities are available around the colleges. 

CCRP Programme

Lee Woo Sing College is one of the collection points registered under the scheme “Computer & Communication Products Recycling Programme” (CCRP) of Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Students and Staff of the college are welcome to contact with college office for recycling the equipment if necessary. For details, please refer to EPD website:

The effectiveness of recycling plastic bottom depends on the condition of the bottom being collected. It is important to keep them clean and rinsed before they are dropped into the recycle bin. 2 sets of “Clean Recycling Device” are placed at the G/F and the courtyard of the college, providing a convenient way to rinse the bottom before recycling.

Clean Recycling Device
Recycle Bin

To facilitate recycling at the college, recycle bins have been placed at each floor. The accessibility of the recycle bins boosts the recycling rate and cultivates the recycle habit of the hostel residents.

Clean beverage cartons are another material which can be recycled. A carton recycle bin has been placed at college courtyard. Please be reminded to clean the carton before placing into the bin.

Beverage Carton bin

Reusing and Sharing

As a green college, we encourage all LWSers to follow 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) green campaign. A corner “Treasure at LWS”, located at G/F of North Block, is available for residents to share the unwanted items with others. 

For Non-residential students, they are welcome to visit the Facebook version of Treasure at LWS, for item sharing if needed. 

Let’s join it to pay an effort on environmental protection! 

Booking Crossing is a campaign that can prolong the life of books instead of simply recycling them as wasted papers. Lee Woo Sing College supports this meaningful campaign and we set up a book crossing corner at the college lobby. Any person can take the books away from the corner if necessary. If you have unwanted books which would like to share with others, please give them to the college office and we will put them at the corner if appropriated.