Reasons to buy WS Souvenirs

1.       All revenue will be donated to WS People Fund. For more information, please visit WS People Fund.

2.       Matching donation! Your $1 becomes $3 to support our students!

sparkling water 梳打水
WS15 Water Bottle 和聲十五保溫壺
WS Embroidery Badge 和聲徽章

       WS15 Sparkling Water 330ml

Price: $10

Thermos Bottle 450ml

Size: 22 X 6.5 cm

Price: $60

Embroidery badges

(Heat-seal on cotton products, such as T-shirt, tote bag)

Choice: 15th Logo, 15th Torch, Mounty, Harmonie

Price: $25 per one; $80/set of 4

WS15 gift set 和聲十五禮品包
Music Box 音樂相架

Gift set

(Personal care products: Shampoo bar, soap, 

hand cream, lip balm)

Price: $50

Photo frame music box

(College song)

Size: 9.8 X 4.5 X 12 CM

Price: $250

“My Favorite Souvenir” Poll

Before the launch of the 15th Anniversary Souvenirs, “My Favourite Souvenir” Poll is held.

In order to understand students’ preferences and needs, the College held a  poll through Instagram @cuhklws. Six practical items were selected for voting in a time-limited posting, including a water bottle, wooden cutlery, bamboo toothbrush and cup, plastic slippers, ballpoint pen, and Airpod case.

Among the 24 hours, the posting reached an average of 1,350 people, with an average of nearly 300 people voting for each souvenir, for an overall participation rate of about 22%.

At the end, the water bottle was the most popular souvenir with 288 votes (88%). Three lucky winners will be selected to receive a water bottle and an engraving service for the winner. *Details will be announced later*.