Security Measures

Security Measures

Safety of our students is one of our major concerns in designing the campus. The campus of Lee Woo Sing College is equipped with an integrated security system, which consists of smartcard-driven barrier gates, digital locks and surveillance systems, enabling students to study, play and accommodate in a highly-secured environment.

An all-in-one smartcard, WS Access+, will be issued to each student upon admission to the College. It is the access media, or key, to access different areas in the campus and student’s bedroom. Students can gain access at different levels of the campus without hassles. The card is not only for security control purposes, but for attendance-taking and entitlement of catering privileges as well.

The issuance and usage of WS Access+ card are governed by the Conditions of Issuance. Click Here to download a copy

Building a secured campus does not mean having a closed campus. To add flexibility to the system and allow students to invite their CUHK friends to spend time at campus with them, automated guest pair-up terminals are installed at the entrance lobbies. Visitors visiting public areas, such as the dining places, outdoor courtyard and the main lobby are not required to proceed any authorization procedures.

Non-CUHK guests may gain access to the campus by invitation of host College students only. Guests have to obtain a temporary guest access card from the information counter located at the lobby entrance.

The College will ensure the security system is operated with reasonable care and maintenance. All records are stored in the central computer system of the College confidentially by the College and not accessible by other students or any personnel in CUHK (except College’s campus management personnel). Authorized College’s campus management personnel shall access the records only in case of potential disciplinary or criminal investigation, fire control and attendance record checking. The records are not to be disclosed to any third parties unless requested by HKSAR government authorities for criminal investigation purposes.


Students and visitors may write to the College for checking and accessing his/her personal data stored or requesting the College to correct any records which are inaccurate in the security system. A reasonable photocopying or/ and printing fee may be charged.