Reasons to choose WS

Positive and Caring College Experience - Title

Lee Woo Sing College, established in 2007, is a medium sized college with everything you need – leadership training, green education, harmonious life, caring and positive experience, and more.

Moderate number of students

There are around 1,400 students in Lee Woo Sing College, in which 85% of them are local, 15% of them are non-local (including international and mainland Chinese students). Comparing to large-size Colleges (around 3000 students) and small-size Colleges (300-600 students), our College size is moderate and perfect for student development. Students coming from different faculties, cultural backgrounds, ages can make friends with each other in hostels and College events and learn from each other easily. Under this scale of student community, resource for students is optimal and less-competitive among students as well.

A team of teachers to take care of students’ needs

There are three Dean of Students/ Associate Deans of Students/ Dean of General Education in the College. The College can effectively cater the needs of students, including learning support, counseling and whole-person education, so as to exercise our strength of student care. On top of the Deans, there are around 100 affiliated teachers from different faculties and departments serving the College. The teacher-student ratio is about 1:15.College size is moderate and perfect for student care and development.

Prof. Ellis FOK 霍建霖教授

"Lee Woo Sing College is the home of WS-ers in CUHK. We hope students can gain a comprehensive College experience in a harmonious and caring environment, cultivate a positive attitude towards life, and achieve personal growth in the WS community. We welcome every student to come back frequently, on one hand to make good use of College facilities, and on the other hand, to participate in diversified activities and training programs to explore personal potential and expand social networks. Let's Meet friends, Do things, Create impact @ WS together."

Prof. Ellis Fok

/ Dean of Students

Hostel Life - Title

Fruitful hostel living experience

The rate of successful application of hostel for local students was about 65% in 2021/22. Non-local students are entitled a three-year guaranteed residency. The College campus is fully equipped with learning, communal and living facilities. Moreover, there are two Wardens and nine tutors to assist residential students in hostel, providing counselling and guidance in hostel.

Watch our One Day @ WS video

Our students will be taking you around our campus, showing you a typical day of their College life in the above video. During the video, you will see various signature venue and locations of the College

30 student organizations and teams for students to participate in

In addition, College and Student Union (WSSU) organize over 60 activities, including annual singing contest, anniversary celebration events and orientation camp, etc.. Those activities provide platforms to nurture student leaders and for students to make friends and demonstrate their talents. All students are welcome.

List of student associations and teams

Wide spectrum of students

The College focuses on students’ whole-person development. We welcome students from all backgrounds, no matter they are academic high-flyers; talented in arts and sports; good at social and communication skills; proficient event organizers; kind-hearted ones dedicated to serve the community; yearned for a greener life... We believe a comprehensive mix of students would make the College in good vibe, add colour to your College life and offer chances for students to develop themselves as future leaders.