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Since establishment in Apil 2013, the Student-staff Catering Center has been bringing WS-ees a brand-new on-campus dining experience. The Catering Centre includes a food hall (WS-Can), a Shanghainese restaurant (The Harmony), a sandwich and salad shop (The Green) and a coffee shop (Café Tolo). Just a few steps away, students can enjoy a wide variety of global cuisine and beverages while commanding magnificent views across the Tolo Harbour!

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A trendy and creative food hall featuring exclusive theme kitchens, serving Asia-pacific, local Hong Kong and western style fast food for students and staff.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (except Statutory Holidays) | 8:30am-8:30pm
Sat & Public Holidays (except Statutory Holidays) | 11:00am-8:30pm
Sun & Statutory Holidays | Closed

Address: LG2 Dining Hall, Lee Woo Sing College
Enquiry (WhatsApp): 6840 7894

Cafe Tolo

The refreshing green Café Tolo besides the Courtyard serves premium branded coffee, fresh sandwiches and light snacks daily. You can spend your leisure time relaxing by the window with your choice of refreshment and enjoy the greenery and beautiful Tolo Harbour.

Opening Hours:Mon - Sat | 11:30am-9:00pm
Sun & Holidays | Closed

Address: G/F, Lee Woo Sing College (Next to Courtyard)
Enquiry (WhatsApp): 6840 7894

The Harmony

The CUHK first-ever Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant absorbed the best of the Shanghai-style cooking and offers outstanding Shanghainese cuisine and beverages, including the famous Xiaolongbao (Steamed Fresh Pork Dumplings), Lion’s Head (Braised Minced Pork), Drunken Chicken (Marinated Chicken in Chinese Rice Wine), Golden Pizza and Chinese Osmanthus Pudding.

Opening Hours:Mon - Saturdays | 11:30am-2:30pm
Sun & Holidays | Closed

Address: LG2 Dining Hall, Lee Woo Sing College
Enquiry (WhatsApp): 6840 7894

The Green

The Green provides freshly made sandwiches, salad and beverages of your own choices. Low calories and vegetarian options are available.

Opening Hours:Temporarily closed

Address: LG2 Dining Hall, Lee Woo Sing College

Privilege for WS Teachers and Students
WS-ee Meal Discount

Starting from 1 May 2016, all valid WS Access+ Card and Affiliate Card holders can enjoy a general 20% off for all orders at WS catering outlets.

Priority Ticketing Service

A special queue for WS Access+ Card holers are set up during peak hours (Mondays to Fridays: 12:30nn-1:30pm and 6:30pm-7:30pm) in order to reduce the waiting time in ticketing. Customers should present their cards to the cashier staff before ordering. (Currently suspended due to limited services provided)