WS Student Union
and Associations

College Student Union (WSSU)

WSSU is the highest autonomous student body of the College, all other autonomous student units must be registered as Affiliated Societies of the WSSU, subjected to supervision from WSSU and to abide by the Constitution.


  • To promote the complete education on both knowledge and morality, and the correct attitude on oneself and life;
  • To encourage unity, democracy, to seek benefits for members and to protect the rights of members;
  • To act as a platform of communication among members, College and the University, to ensure the academic freedom, freedom of thought and speech;
  • To nurture ideas and responsibilities on community , society and country for members;
  • To focus on problems of community , society and country, to promote the development of community, society and country.


Please click here to download the Consitution of Student Union (Chinese version only) 

Committee Members

Term of Office: 1 March 2022 – 28 February 2023

PositionEng NameMajor/ Year of Study
ChairpersonNGAI Cheuk HeiFTECN / 2
Secretary GeneralLEUNG Lok HoIBBAC / 2
CouncilorFONG Sze TingARCHN / 2
CouncilorHung Tsz ChingSOCIN / 2
CouncilorWONG Lok YingGRMDN / 2
CouncilorWONG Siu YuenGPADN / 2
CouncilorTUNG Tsz KwanDSPSN / 3
CouncilorCHO Tak HeiHISTN / 4
PositionEng NameMajor/ Year of Study
ChairpersonShum Hiu YeungFTECN / 1
Vice-chairpersonYung Yik ChunQFINN / 1
External Vice-chairpersonTsoi Yung YeungBSSCN / 1
SecretaryLam Ngo Yan TrevorMEDUN / 1
TreasurerYeung Ching YuetIFAAB / 1
Non-Local Affairs SecretaryPang ColinEEENN / 1
Welfare OfficerWong Wing HinNURSN / 1
Recreational OfficerLam Yat LongNURSN / 1


PositionEng NameMajor/ Year of Study
ChairpersonHO Lut Hei LouisQFINN / 1
Vice-chairpersonWONG Pui KaTRANN / 1
External Vice-chairpersonLEUNG Tsz HoNURSN / 1
SecretaryYEUNG Siu YiENGEN / 1
TreasurerCHOW Tsz ChunIFAAB / 1
Publication and design OfficerYUEN Pui ManCHPRN / 1
Publication and design OfficerTAN Cheuk LamNURSN / 1
Promotional OfficerLAW Yat MingBERGN / 1
Promotional OfficerYU Chung YiBERGN / 1
Welfare OfficerYEUNG Long ChingBSCIN / 1
Welfare OfficerLEE Wing WingBSCIN / 1
Recreational OfficerCHAU Wan YuECONN / 1
PositionEng NameMajor/ Year of Study
Chairperson CHAU Shun YuenBERGN / 1
Vice-chairperson CHENG Wing YinARCHN / 1
External Vice-chairperson TANG Siu HangNURSN / 1
SecretaryLAM ChristineIBBAB / 1
Treasurer LI Sin TungCLEDN /1
Promotional Officer CHEUNG Wing ChiuPACCN / 1
Promotional Officer LOH Yee TungBSSCN / 1
Publication and Design Officer LI Wing ChiPHPCN / 1
Publication and Design Officer LAM Kit YanPACCN / 1
Welfare Officer TSANG Wai ManPACCN / 1
Welfare Officer CHAN Sze ChaiNURSN / 1
Recreation Officer NG Ka HinNURSN / 1
Recreation Officer LU Siu ChungNURSN / 1
General Officer CHU Yan TungRMSCN / 1
General Officer CHAN Chun IpIBBAB / 1


Student Associations under WSSU

WSSU Council Committee

WSSU Non-Residential Students’ Association

WSSU Residential Students’ Association

WS Dessert Society

WS Non-local Committee

WSSU Nursing Society of the Nethersole School of Nursing

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