DARE Scheme

How DARE are you?

DARE as an English word means having or taking the courage. Using this in an eponymous manner, we have chosen it as the acronym to represent Dream, Action, Reflection and Evaluation. This Scheme will encourage our students and alumni to dream their dreams, then take the courage to realise a chosen one through action, reflection and evaluation. Participants are expected to embrace their own limitations and in the process, transcend above such by transforming their dreams into action with feasible and practical planning and preparation. Hopefully before the end, our students and alumni shall become insightful leaders with enlightening experiences.

DARE launched
DARE scheme

Aims of DARE

  1. Facilitate students to break through their limitations
  2. Equip participants with project management skills
  3. Enable students to recognize and develop their potentials
  4. Reflect on personal growth, values and goals
  5. Nurture participants with entrepreneurial mindset/ spirit


DARE scheme
  1. Full-time undergraduate students or alumni of Lee Woo Sing College
  2. Individual or a group of no more than 8 persons
  3. A group mixed of current students and alumni will be an advantage

Scheme Details

Interested participants, who are students and alums of Lee Woo Sing College, shall be encouraged to design, organize and execute a challenge that will help them to achieve a realizable dream goal. In principle, there is no scope limit for this kind of programs. However we expect that the content and scope should demonstrate their leadership and the ultimate purpose of their dream, from personal development to community service, from art and culture to business entrepreneurship. For instance, we can see potential success cases such as initiating a personal art exhibition to advocate a particular cause, conducting a community research or developing a computer application for the benefit of a minority group, or hosting a celebrity talk to address certain appeal for a chosen audience. Subject to stringent evaluation by the selection panel, the College will provide financial and other necessary support to successful candidates, at the maximum of $50,000 per project.

Programme Timeline

Steps to Apply DARE


Step 1: Read the scheme details in ENGLISH / CHINESE (pdf files)

Step 2: Complete the DARE application form (downloadable at HERE)

Step 3: Submit your proposal and contact information at HERE

Step 4: Don’t forget to enroll two DARE workshops to be held in January 2023. Stay tuned!


Deadline of Proposal Submission: 16 January 2023 (Monday)

DARE scheme

Phase I – Learning (October to November 2022)
• Interested participants should attend a series of workshop covering ideation, pitching skill and personal image management.


Phase II – Pitching (December 2022 to January 2023)
• Participants who have completed Phase I could submit a proposal and invite College affiliated teachers to be their consultants.
• Participants should attend presentation seminar to present their proposal and answer questions from the selection panel.


Phase III – Implementation (February 2023 to August 2023)
• The College will provide subsidy of $50,000 at maximum to selected projects.
• Awarded individual or group should attend regular meetings with College Office staff and submit periodic progress report.
• Performance and progress report are the determinant of the 2nd instalment of subsidy.


Phase IV – Reflection (August 2023)
• Awarded individual or group should submit report, financial report, reflection journal, video clip and original receipts within one month.


Phase V – Evaluation and Sharing (September 2023)
• Awarded individual or group should complete an evaluation on the effectiveness of this scheme.
• Awarded individual or group should prepare a sharing about their experience form this Scheme.
• Reports and feedback from advisor are the determinant of the 3rd instalment of subsidy.

Subsidy and Requirement

  1. Each project will receive subsidy at the max. of HK$50,000.
  2. Awarded individual or group will receive the subsidy according to the following timetable.

1st instalment of funding:

The completion of a workshop on project and financial management

2nd instalment of funding:

Submission of progress reports which are endorsed by the Student Life and Development Committee

3rd instalment of funding:

On reimbursement basis, submission of all reports and reflection journals which are endorsed by the Student Life and Development Committee

  1. Upon completion, awarded individual or group should submit report, financial report, video clip and original receipts within one month.
  2. Awarded individual or group have to share their experience in college activities
  3. The remaining subsidy will be given to awarded student or group on reimbursement basis.



Theme (15%)

• The project facilitates personal development and/ or contributions to the local and global communities

Content (20%)

• Applicants well-understand their personal/ group limitations

• The proposal helps breaking through limitations

• The proposal facilitates personal growth

• Clearly state the challenge details

Feasibility (30%)

• The budget is reasonable

• The project is challenging and practicable

• Proposal details align with the theme

Impact (20%)

• The proposal demonstrates the spirit of DARE

• Have positive impact on the College or community

Creativity (15%)

• The project is unique and creative