WS Choir

The Choir of Harmony

“Harmony”, being the spirit of Lee Woo Sing College, can certainly be embodied by “choral singing”. When students of Lee Woo Sing College come together and sing in harmony, not only it provides an opportunity for students to unite, their hearts, their minds and their souls are drawn together by music, which is why the Woo Sing (i.e. harmony) Choir is established.

The Woo Sing Choir was formed in February 2012. Since then, the Choir has performed in many college and university functions, such as high table dinner, inauguration ceremony, orientation dinner, graduation ceremony and as a guest performer at the Honorary Fellowship Conferment Dinner in 2014/2019 and CU Staff Association 35th Anniversary Gala Show in 2016. The Choir has organized annual concerts every year in the Lee Hysan Concert Hall, and in 2018 (10th Anniversary Concert) in Shatin Town Hall. Our Choir is consisted of 60 members including local, mainland and international student singers and instrumental musicians. It is our honour to have Ms. Ruth Chung to be the Honorary Music Director the Woo Sing Choir and Professor Stanley Hui to be the Honorary Advisor of the Woo Sing Choir, leading the College Choir to be a distinctive College signature.

Students who are interested in singing or planning different kinds of musical instruments, we welcome you to join our Woo Sing Choir! For more information, please contact Ms. Zinnia YUEN (email:

Annual Concerts
Voices from the Hearts
Voices from the Hearts
Spakrling in Harmony Concert 閃爍和諧音樂會
CUHK 60th cum WS 15th celebration concert - "Sparkling in Harmony"
Concert of Music Crossover East & West
Lee Woo Sing College 10th Anniversary Celebration Fundraising Concert
Concert of Friendship
Concert of Love Joy Peace
Melodies of Your Heart
Concert of Legato for CUHK Golden Jubilee
Concert of Harmony for CUHK Golden Jubilee
Local / Overseas Performances
Peformance Highlights