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College’s residential experience is a unique and defining feature of University life. Our hostel features more than simply the hostel itself: it includes own dining, recreational, fitness and music facilities, plus dedicated groups of wardens, tutors, hostel staff and executives of WSSU Residential Students’ Association, who work hard to care for each individual student in the College family. Living on-campus – living where you study, studying where you live – offers a fundamentally distinct way to engage College life. You have a greater number of opportunities to deepen your ties to both the College and the University at large by building deep, long-lasting relationships that will last for decades.


In LWS hostel, we believe students could learn more than just the way they live with students of their age coming from different countries, different background and different faculties – we hope our students could learn mutual respect to each other and learn from each other – so as to build a harmonious community. That could benefit individual by providing an opportunity for them to develop into a better person with good communication skills and empathy to others, so as to accommodate the needs of others, and of course the hostel community as a whole by modelling a “home-away-from-home” for all students.


Learning does not only mean acquiring knowledge from textbooks. Students can learn from peers, no matter from junior or senior students, for knowledge and life experience via daily life and hostel activities – having a night chat, reading club, interest groups, etc.. Our wardens and hostel tutors are always there to provide guidance of living and personal development. Indeed they are good mentors, no matter for formal and informal advice.

"Lee Woo Sing College hostel is a place where students of different background, disciplines, years of study, and talents can meet, interact, and learn from each other while growing in their personal experience and characters. We encourage our students to join the various hostel activities of their interest and moreover, to take lead in organizing functions of their own. Activities such as joining the WSSU Residential Students’ Association, or helping the Wardens’ team on events, etc., will definitely add colour to one's hostel life and broaden the horizon of his/her personal development. We very much look forward to your participation and involvement in LWS hostel activities!"
Prof. YAM Yeung 任揚教授
Prof. Yam Yeung
Associate Master

Hostel Essential Information (Video)

Hostel Care and Hall Activities

  • Regular meeting with Wardens/ Hostel Tutors
  • Personal and living adjustment counselling by Warden and Hostel Tutors
  • Hall orientation activities and home warming dinner
  • Onboarding Programme – Hostel Living Workshops
  • Night Talks and Movie Nights
  • TV game competition
  • Celebratory events during festival time (including Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, White Valentine Festival, Easter, etc.)
  • Regular floor gathering
  • Dessert gathering
  • Cheering activities during examination periods
  • Regular hall activities organized by WSSU Residential Students’ Association