Green Life Ambassadors

As a Green College, Lee Woo Sing College is responsible for promoting green life to the students and to the public. We would like to invite your support to be a Green Life Ambassador (GLA) of the college! The team consists of 3 sub-teams with the total 50-70 GLAs:

Green Life Ambassador Teams (2020/21)

Sub-teams Duties
Planting Team
Manage the farm and help harvest and watering
Sharing the status of the farming to public (i.e. by photo/ food sharing event/ video clip)
Organize Green Day
Promotion Team
Help to promote green event
Deliver green messages (capture news about Green issue and Energy Saving, produce video messages)
Organize Green Day
Waste Management Team
Monitor the waste behavior and report showing to public
Teach customer to classify the recyclable food waste at canteen
Recommendation on reducing waste/ unwanted item sharing event
Organize Green Day


To be announced soon


  1. Successful applicants are admitted as Junior GLA at the beginning. They should contribute to the team and attend several green activities in order to be the official GLA in which the term of Office is from 1-March-2021 to 28-February-2022. College will release the official GLA list during February.

  2. Only official GLAs are entitled for the hostel score in the 2021-2022 hostel residence application. College will regularly review the performance of Official GLAs during the term of office and those who are not well-performed, their hostel score will be forfeited.

  3. The performance of official GLAs will also be considered if they would like to join GLA programme again next year.