Green Life Ambassadors

As a Green College for promoting green life to the students and to the public, Green Life Ambassador Programme (GLA) is designed for training students to represent college and assist college to deliver green messages and perform green education..

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Green Life Ambassador Programme

Being a Green Life Ambassador (GLA), you should:

1. Love to live green and love the Earth

2. Be responsible and committed to help in promoting green living  

3. Be willing to share your green living ideas if you have any

If you are willing to face this challenge and are willing to pay an effort on saving the Earth, we would like to invite you to join the Green Life Ambassador team! …..

Team Structure



WS Gardener

Manage the farm and help harvest and watering

Sharing the growing status of the plant or crops to public

Help to maintain the plants at students hostel area

Organize Green Day

Sub-team 1: Mainly responsible for WS Organic Farm

Sub-team 2: Mainly responsible for hostel planting and the small garden next to the waterfront

Green Guardian

Promote green event and poster design

Deliver green messages (capture news about Green and Energy Saving, produce video messages)

Organize Green Day

Manage “Treasure at LWS” and Book Crossing Corner

Green Media

Video Shooting and Editing for short films on spreading Green ideas, green tips and green events 

GLA Points


Recruitment of Junior Green Life Ambassador

We are recruiting Junior Leaders of Green Life Ambassador.  Besides performing duties of GLA, leaders should also be responsible for:

  1.  Leading the sub-team
  2.  Coordinating with team members
  3.  Contributing green ideas if any
  4.  Engaging in GLA Orientation Day

If you are interested in taking this meaningful challenge, please register at: (Application period:1 July 2022 to 15 July 2022).

Please note that your application will be considered and selected by college. Priority will be given to those who has participated the GLA programme and had good performance.

Check Here to Apply

(Application Period: 26-Aug-2023 to 11-Sept-2023)


  1. Applicants may be shortlisted and may be required to attend the selection interview.
  2. Successful applicants are admitted as Junior GLA at the beginning. They should contribute to the team, complete the tasks assigned and attend several green activities in order to gain points. Those who fulfill the requirement will be promoted to be official GLA in which the term of Office is from 1-March-2024 to 28-February-2025. College will release the official GLA list during February. The requirement for official GLA, please click here.
  3. Only official GLAs are entitled for the hostel score in the 2024-2025 hostel residence application. College will regularly review the performance of Official GLAs during the term of office and those who are not well-performed, their hostel score will be forfeited.
  4. For those who get the most GLA points, will be promoted to “Elite GLA” as team leader. College will consider to nominate them to compete for WS Outstanding Student Awards.
  5. The performance of official GLAs will also be considered if they would like to join GLA programme again next year.
  6. Priority of green activities organized by the college will be given to those who are having excellent performance in the team.


Please contact

Keeping Green during COVID-19

Although keeping a green lifestyle is not easy during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still possible and essential for us to keep GREEN. Let the green life ambassadors show you.


Wong Ching Yi Rachel (Year 2)

(Chinese Version Only)






CHAN Wing Hin, Donald (Year 1)

Recycling probably is one of the most significant elements in the sustainability and today I try to put those used plastic bottles into the RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) nearby my living place. I appreciate the concept of allowing consumers to feed in used plastic bottles for instant rebate since it could give citizens economic incentives to develop daily green habits. Let’s record our green footprints every day!

Energy Dashboard

An energy dashboard is developed to monitor the electricity usage in the College area:

Glass Window Film

In the summer of 2013, the glass curtain wall of LG1 fitness room and LG2 student dining room of Lee Woo Sing College was coated with a layer of infrared heat insulation film. The heat insulation film coating reduces the indoor temperature by 2-5°C, which saves the electricity cost of air-conditioning and the energy.