Honorary Fellows

Since 2019, Lee Woo Sing College Honorary Fellowship was established to recognize and honour individuals who make significant contributions to the College as well as the community.

Dr. LEE Woo Sing

Dr. LEE Woo Sing is a leader in Hong Kong’s financial industry. He is enthusiastic about public welfare and support the development of Hong Kong education sector with actions and donations. In 2007, Dr. LEE and his brother and family generously donated to the establishment of Lee Woo Sing College with his brother and family in the name of Li Foundation (Bing Hua Tang). Till now, Dr. LEE has donated more than 100 scholarships and bursaries to the College. Dr. LEE and his family also actively participate in College affairs to extend his passion in nurturing talents and pass on his education ideals.

Dr. LEE Woo Sing 李和聲博士

Dr. KOO Ti Hua

Born in a scholarly family, Dr. KOO Ti Hua is diligent in academic studies. After being admitted to Chiao Tung University, he obtained a full scholarship from the West German government and completed a master’s degree at Germany. Since 1960s, Dr. KOO settled in Hong Kong and engaged in global trade in technology commodities, which has made himself a model of contemporary entrepreneurs. With Dr. KOO’s kindness, he established admission and exchange scholarships at Lee Woo Sing College to benefit outstanding local students and enhance international exchanges via full sponsorship to overseas students. Being proficient in cultural and arts, Dr. KOO also spares no effort in promotion of Kunqu and Chinese Opera in Hong Kong. He establishes Kunqu and Chinese Opera course at the College, which marks an important contribution to promote tradition Chinese culture.

Dr. KOO Ti Hua 顧鐵華博士

Dr. LI Wo Hing

Dr. LI Wo Hing is the founder of Lee Woo Sing College. He is low-profile and dedicated. During the beginning stage of the College’s establishment, Dr. LI served as a member of development committee of the College and was elected as the first Chairman of Committee of Overseers. Dr. LI led the development of the College to cultivate environmental awareness and practice harmony, laying the foundation for the College development. Over the years, Dr. LI persists in taking time to join various College ceremonies and major events, helping College to build up a wide cooperation network.

Dr. LI Wo Hing 李和鑫博士

Dr. LEUNG Fung Yee, Anita

Dr. Anita LEUNG is a dedicated alumnus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She obtains bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree at CUHK. She is also an all-rounded public figure with over 40 years’ experience in media, marketing and public relations sectors. Dr. LEUNG always supports and participates in the development of alma meter. In 2013, Dr. LEUNG served as the chairlady of the Committee of Overseers of Lee Woo Sing College. She played a leading role in organization of large-scale fundraising events, which fostered the development of College at its growing stage, and led the College to stand out among members of CUHK.

Dr. LEUNG Fung Yee Anita 梁鳳儀博士

Dr. LEE Nai Shee, Harry

Dr. Harry LEE is a famous entrepreneur in Hong Kong’s textile industry, serving as advisor and chairman emeritus of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel. After completing studies in UK and the USA, Dr. LEE worked at sizeable corporations like Nokia Bell Labs and Exxon Corporation. During 1970s, Dr. LEE returned to Hong Kong and joined TAL Apparel. His endeavor had made TAL Apparel to become a global textile enterprise with well-established supply chain. Dr. LEE is also enthusiastic about education on next generations. He joined Lee Woo Sing College in 2014 and was appointed as the Chairman of College’s Committee of Overseers in 2016. During his tenure that reached the College’s first decade, he promoted a remarkable number of exchange and student development projects that had brought significant contribution to College development.

Dr. LEE Nai Shee Harry 李乃熺博士

Mr. FAN Shi Hoo, Hamen

Mr. Hamen FAN is a famous entrepreneur in Hong Kong. After completing studies of economic degree in the United States, Mr. FAN was active in the local industry sector.  In 1983, he founded Pac-Fung International Company Limited and lead the company to become a sizeable home textiles production corporation. Mr. FAN is also enthusiastic about medical and charity, as he founded the Children’s Heart Foundation and was the chairperson of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation. Mr. FAN has been contributing a lot to the College’s development, including the setting up of “Hamen Fan Shi Hoo Residents’ Work Scheme” which offers paid College tasks to residential students. By 2021, more than 240 students have been benefited by the Scheme.

Mr. FAN Shi Hoo Hamen 范思浩先生