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Important Dates and
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Admission Procedures



Prospective students may apply for CUHK degrees via the following schemes:

  • JUPAS Scheme (local applicants)
  • Non-JUPAS Scheme (local and international applicants)
  • NHEEE (mainland Chinese applicants)

After admitting to CUHK, students will receive an online College preference form. They may select their preferred College accordingly and put their most preferred College on the top of the list

E.g.: 1 Lee Woo Sing College 和聲書院


Applicants who have chosen Lee Woo Sing College as their top choices (applicants who chose WS as their first choice and selected applicants who chose WS as their second choice) will be invited for an interview

(usually face-to-face for local students; video interview for non-local students)


Group interview panel consisting of teachers, staff and student representatives will assess the applicants’ knowledge of College core values, personality and interaction with other applicants to decide whether the applicants are suitable. Applicants can learn more about the College and their suitability for joining the College during interview process


Upon confirmation from University, you will be admitted to Lee Woo Sing College, starts a leader’s, green and harmonious life

Important Dates
Pre-admission & Admission Interview
For applicants chosen Lee Woo Sing College as the top choices (first and second choice) of their College preference:

May-Aug 2024

Indication of College preference upon admission to CUHK (online) (non-JUPAS applicants)

Aug 2024 (TBC)

Announcement of JUPAS offer; &
Indication of College preference upon admission to CUHK (online) (JUPAS – to be completed in 2-3 days)

Aug 2024 (TBC, usually 1 day after release of JUPAS offer)

University New Student Orientation Day

May-Aug 2024 (non-JUPAS);
Aug 2024 (JUPAS) (date TBC)

WS admission interview: College will send an email to all eligible applicants (applicants who chose WS as their first choice and selected applicants who chose WS as their second choice) with details of admission interview including date, time and format after getting information from University. Applicants are required to fill in an online admission statement and indicate their preferred interview time slots on the form.

Aug 2024 (TBC)

University will announce College assignment results via CUSIS; Students admitted to Lee Woo Sing College will receive a welcome email from College Office. Please fill in the online forms as indicated on the email.

Post-admission Activities
For freshmen admitted to Lee Woo Sing College:

Aug 2024 (TBC)

Onboarding Programme Welcoming Day

Aug 2024 (TBC, immediate from announcement of College affiliation, for a period of 4-5 days)

Application of Term Residence, 2024/25

Late Aug 2024 (TBC)

College orientation activities

Early Sep 2024 (TBC, 2 days before term commencement)

Hostel move-in

Early Sep 2024 (TBC, first Friday of term commencement)

Inauguration Assembly/ Ceremony for Freshmen

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