The present of the College is comprised of its students; and alumni compose its future.
Established in 2007, Lee Woo Sing College is approaching its 15th anniversary through a winding road. In the previous fifteen years of time, everyone from the college spread the spirit and pass the torch to the next generation. 
In Chinese culture, Jiazi, which means the age of 60, is associated with the image of mature and reliable adults. The age of 15, a quarter of 60, then represents energetic and promising youngsters who are cultivating the future.
fifth, tenth, fifteenth… The first 15th anniversary representing boundless possibilities. Lee Woo Sing College could make your dreams come true.

WS 15th Anniversary Logo

WS15 Logo 和聲十五標誌

Designed by CHEUNG Chak Man (2021/IBBA)

The logo’s design offers a mixture of Chinese characters “和” (Harmony) and “15” with the combination of modern and traditional Chinese fonts that symbolizes a blend of tradition and modernity of the College. While the College colours, gold and blue, are used, two arrows/triangles in the design respectively represent the College blended in with the natural surrounding and the theme, “Go from Strength to Strength”, of 15th Anniversary Celebration.

WS15 Torch 和聲十五火炬

Designed by CHUNG Man Ho (IBBA/2)

The spirit and enthusiasm of Lee Woo Sing College should be passed on through generations, as they are crucial to the college’s identity. With the idea of “Passing the Torch”, the design symbolizes the passing down of its essence. The letters “W” and “S” are designed to be the flames of the torch; the number “15” at the bottom, referring to the 15th Anniversary of WS, acts as the torch itself. The logo reminds everyone of the college’s fiery spirit and pass it down through generations.

WS 15th Anniversary Inscription

WS15 Inscription 和聲十五題詞
"Pass the Torch on | Go from Strength to Strength"

Inscribed by Dr. Corinna HAR

Pass the torch on” (薪火相傳)

As an institution nurturing future leaders, it is expected that WS people who will pass on core values of the College to new WS members.


Go from strength to strength” (繼往開來)

The College continuously moves forward based on solid foundation for the better or more successful development in the future.

Hundred Harmony

With a collaboration with Mr. CHEUNG Shing Hung, an art piece “Hundred Harmony” with around 100 tradition Chinese characters of “和” is carved by WS members.

Wall of Hundred Harmony 百和圖

WS15 Anniversary Publication