Founder and Patron

Lee Woo Sing College was established in 2007 with very generous support from Li Foundation (Bing Hua Tang).

Dr. LI Wo Hing has great admiration and respect for his brother Dr. LEE Woo Sing’s long-term commitment to the advancement of education, and his passion and contributions in nurturing talent for the nation and Hong Kong. The new College is therefore named Lee Woo Sing College to recognize his selfless public service.

Dr. LI Wo Hing
College Founder

"The ultimate goal of education is to enhance the quality of the human race. At Lee Woo Sing College, we aim at nurturing leaders for Hong Kong, the Mainland and the World. An important feature of the College is the emphasis on tolerance and fraternity. Students will be encouraged to be thankful and to give back to the community."

Dr. LEE Woo Sing (1928-2022)
College Patron

"‘Lee Woo Sing College does not only impart knowledge; it also cultivates among students a commitment to help the needy, to respect the elderly, and to give back to the community. Students are encouraged to serve the community and the country, and to achieve harmony, in interacting with other people, as is highlighted in the College motto. They will treat others with moderation and be objective in their analyses and receptive of different opinions in their approach to problems."

About Dr. LEE Woo Sing

An eminent entrepreneur, Dr. LEE Woo-sing had over 60 years’ experience in the finance industry and was the founder of Shun Loong Group. Dr. LEE was Non-executive Director of Grand Investment International Ltd and Director of Grand Finance Group Company Ltd. Dr. LEE had also been active in serving the community.


Dr. LEE was a member of the Selection Committee of the First and Second HKSAR Government, former Chairman (1993 to 2006) and Honorary President of the Shanghai Fraternity Association Hong Kong Ltd. He was Honorary President of the United Zhejiang Residents Association (HK) Ltd. and the Ning Po Residents Association. Dr. LEE was also Financial Securities Advisor of Tianjin Municipality and had been appointed Honorary Citizen of Tianjin.


A native of Ningpo, Zhejiang Province, Dr. LEE was born in Shanghai. He was originally named Wu Xing, but when he began to learn his trade at the age of 14, his father changed his name to Woo (harmony) Sing (voice), the idea being that harmony should be pursued in everything he did, and that he should speak with the same voice as his friends. Dr. LEE had taken his father’s instruction very seriously and had also conducted himself in a practical, modest manner, abiding by the precept that kindness was received when kindness was given. Thus he had numerous friends all over the world.

Dr. LEE's Distinguished Contributions to CUHK

Dr. LEE Woo-sing was committed to the educational development in Hong Kong and the Mainland and had established a long-term relationship with The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was an Executive Committee Member of the Council and had been the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Shaw College since 1999. Dr. LEE had been a staunch supporter of the College and the University. He had supported various educational initiatives most generously both personally and in his capacity as Chairman of the Shanghai Fraternity Association. In 1993, backed by Dr. LEE and other Directors, the Shanghai Fraternity Association of Hong Kong made a magnanimous donation of HK$13.5 million towards the establishment of the Shanghai Fraternity Association Research Services Centre on the campus of CUHK.


In November 2000, with Dr. LEE’s support, the Shanghai Fraternity Association joined hands with the University to launch the “Home in Hong Kong” project with the aim of providing care and hospitality to the University’s undergraduate students from the Mainland. The Association has also contributed to the formation in 2004 of the Mainland Undergraduate Association of the University, the first of its kind among local tertiary institutions.