It is the College's objective to cultivate a unique college culture and provide holistic and fruitful college life to students. When planning and organizing student activities, we aim to:
  • cultivate students a commitment to personal and social responsibility as well as integrity
  • nurture students’ character, preparing them to be better person and members of a team
  • help students to learn to be kind to people and know how to handle things with moderation
DoS Mail Box
DoS Mail Box 輔導長郵箱

A letter box was set up at the G/F lobby. You can write to DoS and ADoS for any issues. Do not forget to leave your contact if you expect a response from them.

DoS Time
DOS time (T1, 2023-24)

Any issue that concerns you as a student concerns us and we pledge to work with you through them during your stay with us. You are welcome to share your thoughts and seek advice from our Dean of Students or Associate Dean of Students. They will be in College on 5, 15, 19, 29 Sept at 16:30-17:30pm at Rm G08, South Block. No prior appointment needed.


If you are not able to come on these day, you can request in advance and advise the person you would like to meet and the topic you want to discuss. Our Office will arrange the most appropriate meeting for you. Please contact Ms. Zinnia YUEN through email ( to schedule an appointment.

Engagement Activities

Deans of Students organize gathering activities to invite WS students in regular basis. The College hope to offer a relaxing environment for students to speak out their thoughts and opinions about WS, in order to deepen their relationship with DoS as well as the College.

Good Morning, LWS-ee!

Good Morning, LWS-ee! 和聲早晨!
Good Morning, LWS-ee! 和聲早晨!
Good Morning, LWS-ee! 和聲早晨!

WS Hi-Tea

WS Hi-Tea 和聲茶聚
WS Hi-Tea 和聲茶聚
WS Hi-Tea 和聲茶聚

Sunset Concert

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