Prof. CHUI Tsz Yeung Harold 崔子揚教授

Dear students, The past few months have been very challenging for many people in Hong Kong and around the world. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect: How have I been? How am I doing? As a teacher and counsellor educator, I often notice that my trainees are quite good at caring for their […]

Dr. Sarah LUK 陸秀霞博士

Dear Students, 每個人都有一個心靈空間,這個心靈空間可以如海寬闊,也可以如塵渺少。 心靈空間的大少就視乎我們如何體驗情緒、經驗感受及了解自己當下的需要與境況。 挫敗的時候,我們難免失望。 悲傷的時候,我們感到絕望。 興奮的時候,我們充滿盼望。 等待的時候,我們滿有期望。 總有一天,人生的五味紛陳,你都嚐過。那麼,你的心靈空間就會漸漸變得寬闊,那時,無論你身處在狹縫之中或在荒野間抬頭仰望繁星,你也會心寬自在。 Everyone has a psychological space in their mind, which can be as wide as the ocean or as small as dust. The size of this psychological space depends on how we experience our emotions and how we understand our needs and circumstances at the moment. When

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Founding Master Gold Medal

Open for Application: Founding Master Gold Medal for Graduating Students   Established by the College in 2014, this prestigious award each year honors THREE College graduating students who have demonstrated all-round performance throughout his/her University study while at the same time obtaining excellent academic performance.  We are very pleased to announce that the Gold Medal

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Dear students, 願望成真的快感 創新的人經常都有新想法,但很多時候,這些想法都會胎死腹中,能證明或讓它實現的少之又少。那為什麼每天還會有人興致勃勃的繼續做研究呢?答案應該不止真心喜歡那麼簡單。 最近被運算法推送了一個關於單車的廣告,有趣的是這款外型討好的運動單車是在水面上踏的,原來這款Hydrafoil單車是2018年由紐西蘭創辦人Guy Howard-Willis聯同設計師發明的。像公路單車一樣,它行走時具速度,轉彎暢順,亦能讓單車手在水中重新上車起步。設計面世後,全球訂單湧至,大眾甚至認為該發明能夠發展成一門新的水上運動。踩單車和水上運動都不是新事物,那為什麼之前沒有人能做出來呢?Guy Howard-Willis在一個TEDx分享時就輕描淡寫地打趣道:『因為要達到以上三個條件很難,難到冇人想會去做。』而他撐能過這些難關,關鍵是在於一個信念及一個反思。他相信能想像出來的東西就一定意味著它有能實現的可能性。而驅使他要讓願望成真的是一個反省您真的想到死時還未知道自己的夢想或想法是否可行嗎? 我想創新大概也需要這種信念及堅持吧。大家有冇一些想法蠢蠢欲動?今日不如嘗試踏出第一步,將想像變成現實! #輕功水上飄 #雖然㗎嘢有啲貴 #唔係鴨仔款嘅水上單車 #熄燈時先知唔可行咁點 #未能也_非不能也 When the dream comes true Innovators often have new ideas, but among many ideas that fail, only a handful of them will become a reality. So why do innovators continue their work every day? The answer should be more than just loving

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CUHK continues to support ‘Earth Hour’ this year.  To raise public awareness on ocean protection, non-essential lights on campus will be switched off at 8:30pm on 26 March (Saturday) for an hour. Lee Woo Sing College supports the event. The following area of the college will be switched off at the captioned timeslot: Water wall

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Dear students, Happy new year and I wish you a great and successful semester ahead, and especially good health and happiness every day! Every one of us is on our own unique life course journey. Over this journey, your attributes may progress through the experience of different events and roles. When you perceive fluctuating progress,

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