GLA Leader recruitment

We are recruiting Junior Leaders of Green Life Ambassador. Being a GLA leader, you will have chances to execute your green ideas to contribute the college and the community. Roles of Leader: Assist in college green events and activities Coordinate with your teammates Record the team contribution Execute your team green ideas Attend bi-monthly meeting  […]

Prof. Ellis FOK 霍建霖教授

Dear students, 科學精神求什麼? 在資訊爆炸,講求科學證據的年代,科學精神與邏輯思維對求學問非常重要。在求學的過程中,很多人都說要以科學精神去求真。而不同的人,因著對課題的熟悉程度不同,或許會有不同的解讀。 譬如說,有一個學生為課題假設在網上搜證後,認為: 一:有關論文已在頂尖學術期刊刊登,而作者是任職於世界頂尖大學的教授 二:有關的研究中,學者利用相關實驗,其結果支持論點 三:有關實驗結果已經被另一組研究人員重複驗證,而論文亦受廣泛引用 若你認為只要符合以上三個條件後,那學生已經有非常充分的證據去立論,那麼你將要失望了,因為,同一時間有另一位學生,拿出另一組研究證據,亦能符合以上三點,得出相反的結論,不同的是,這組研究採用了其他方法去驗證課題假設 面對這樣的情況,你會選擇引用其中一方的論點去支持自己的觀點,還是先重新檢視和思考自己的論証呢? 一般人以為只要引經據典,便是客觀求真。卻不自覺原來自己只相信自己喜愛的證據,忽略了全盤論證。 世界之大,知識之廣,豈有無所不知的人?希望我們都能避過腦袋的懶惰與固執,以誠實、開明、虛心的科學精神去與人溝通,冷靜思考,才能嚴謹求証,求學如是,生活如是。 #真有其事 #唔係偽科學 #啲學生應該會覺得好亂 #亂唔緊要 #亂即係有錯 #無人知嘅嘢梗有錯 #會錯先要Re-search What makes a scientific mind? In an era flooded with information and demands for scientific evidence, a logical mind with critical thinking is essential. We often seek the “truth” when we are learning. Nonetheless, different persons,

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WARS_Gold Award 2020-21

Lee Woo Sing College has received “Gold Award” at the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme (WARS) 2020/21 in the Website Stream. Since the College has been credited Gold Awards for three consecutive editions (2016 and 2018/19), a “Triple Gold Award” was credited for the first time, making it the first CUHK College in achieving the highest

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Founding Master Gold Medal

Open for Application: Founding Master Gold Medal for Graduating Students Established by the College in 2014, this prestigious award each year honors THREE College graduating students who have demonstrated all-round performance throughout his/her University study while at the same time obtaining excellent academic performance.  We are very pleased to announce that the Gold Medal Award

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Dear LWS students, We know pictures on Instagram don’t accurately describe our life. Real life is tedious and even gloomy sometimes. When I was listening to a podcast one tedious morning, the podcast anchor said it was the United Nations International Day of Happiness. At first, I sarcastically thought to myself, “What a strange day!”

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Dr. Sarah LUK 陸秀霞博士

Dear Students, 無憂樹下的纏繞與懷抱 乍暖還寒的時候,無憂樹開花了,不知道是否刻意還是無心插柳,無憂樹剛好站在十字路口之間,每每走到無憂的時候,我就要作出決定。有時,我會站立良久,不知如何是好,每當煩躁的時候,我會抱怨無憂,把我陷入兩難之間,我眼裡只看見眼前無憂樹和我一樣被纏繞着。然後,我會深呼吸一下,抬頭仰望樹上盛放的小橙花,告訴自己,隨心走下去吧,路路皆通,何須作繭自縛。於是,我再往前走,經過荷花池,踏入小樹徑、穿個石橋,回到無憂樹,我嚇然發現,眼前的無憂樹下原本是被纏繞着,但現在卻是被懷抱着。境物沒有變,心境卻可以,纏繞還是懷抱?一念。 The Saraca Asoca’s Embrace I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the Saraca Asoca (worry-free tree) on campus is planted at the crossroads. I enjoy pondering in front of the tree. For example, once when I was agitated, I complained to the Saraca Asoca, why had I been

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Earth Hour

CUHK continues to support ‘Earth Hour’ this year.  To raise public awareness on ocean protection, non-essential lights on campus will be switched off at 8:30pm on 27 March (Saturday) for an hour. Lee Woo Sing College supports the event. The following area of the college will be switched off at the captioned timeslot: Water wall

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