Dr SINGH Kanchan Rao

WS Teacher’s message #13

Dear Students,

It has been an absolute delight to be affiliated with Lee Woo Sing college and interacting with all of you since the past one year. Being an expat and new to Hong Kong, I could not have asked for a better platform to learn the local culture and grow in mind set which was facilitated through excellent interactions with you all. We shared, learnt, discussed, and even disagreed on numerous topics ranging from adaptation to university life, cultural diversity, friendships, mentorships, and the process of adult learning.

This is when I realized that though we may be distinctive geomorphologically, culturally and in beliefs we do have many similarities. The values which have surfaced as a part of all our deliberations are the common ground we share and an absolute necessity to live a fulfilling life in today’s world.

We should aim at living in harmony with our deeply held beliefs and inculcate values which make us a truly good person. I am so grateful that our paths crossed, and positive interactions with all of you added to my learnings. Let us imbibe the values below to navigate our way through this beautiful journey called “life”.

L – Loyalty

E – Empathy

E – Equanimity

W – Warmth

O – Open -mindedness

O – Optimism

S – Self- Reliance

I – Integrity

N – Non-Violence

G – Generosity

About Dr SINGH Kanchan Rao

Kanchan, a lecturer at the School of Biomedical Sciences, joined LWS College in 2022. Her main research focuses on the pharmacology, drug research & its application to drug development She has extensive inter-disciplinary experience in teaching pharmacology to medical, dental, physiotherapy. occupational therapy, nursing, medical laboratory science & biomedical students in India and Hong Kong. In addition, she has conducted numerous lectures in research methodology. Her current interest lies in integrating the bioethical curriculum into the undergraduate medical course, and pursuing further learning in the field. She is proactive and forward thinking, demonstrating solid communication and presentation skills. If you would like to know more about Kanchan, please visit https://www2.sbs.cuhk.edu.hk/en-gb/people/academic-staff/dr-kanchan-rao-singh.

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