Dr. FOK Yeung Yeung, Jimmy

WS Teacher’s message #12

Dear students,


我是來自歷史系的霍揚揚, Jimmy。我自2021年12月加入和聲書院,直至現在大概已有一年多的時間,相對來說還算是書院的「新」成員。我很高興能夠有機會成為書院與學系同學之間構通橋樑。

我在英國的李斯特城取得我的博士學位,而我修讀科目或許對很多同學來說是較「冷門」的,我的主修是「博物館研究」(Museum Studies)。與其他傳統的學科例如歷史學、哲學等學科不同,博物館研究是一門跨越多個學術領域的學科,文理商並擅。博物館研究的研究範疇非常多元化,當中包括了博物館的歷史、博物館的社會文化角色、博物館展覽的策劃、博物館的教育功能、博物館的市場推廣、文物保護及修復材料科學、文化遺產的定義和運用等等,當中涉及的學科知識之廣之多,實在難以在此盡錄。我自己本人則集中研究東亞地區文化遺產政策的演變以及文化遺產管理的概況。隨著亞洲地區,例如香港、新加坡等地的博物館和文化遺產的發展方興未艾,愈來愈多新的大型博物館落成,「博物館研究」這門學科相信將會變得愈來愈重要,也會為不同學術領域的同學帶來新的事業發展機會。更為重要的是,博物館和文化遺產並非一成不變或者「已成定局」的「過去」,事實上,文化遺產是一個當代的概念,是我們以當代的眼光,為了我們將來和願景而重新建構和解釋過去。因此,過去即現在,博物館和文化遺產是過去、現在和將來的紐帶。



I am Jimmy from the History department, and I joined the College in December 2021. I am still a relatively “new” member of the College, and I am glad that I could be the communication bridge between the students of the department and the College.

I received my PhD degree in Museum Studies in Leicester, the UK. Many students may not be familiar with the subject area of Museum Studies. Unlike other “traditional” subjects, Museum Studies is a cross disciplines subject area. There is a huge variety of research aspects associated with Museum Studies, including the history of museums, the educational role of museums, museum marketing, the science of heritage conservation and the use of cultural heritage. My research interest is the formation and development of cultural heritage policy in the East Asia region. More and more new museums and cultural institutions are established in Asian metropolises, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. The subject area of Museum Studies will become more important and provide more career opportunities for our students. However, it is also important for us to understand that museums and cultural heritage are not frozen concepts in the past. Indeed, there are contemporary concepts constructed by us through our lens. We imagine our common future by reconstructing and reassembling the past. Museum and cultural heritage, in fact, is the contact point bridging the past, the present and the future.

Last semester, I taught history major, University and College General Education courses. I look forward to new opportunities to explore the museums and cultural heritage worldwide with our college students.

Imagine the future in the past.

About Dr. FOK Yeung Yeung, Jimmy

Jimmy, an assistant lecturer at the Department of History, joined LWS College in 2021. His main research focuses on the politics of heritage policy, re-urbanisation in the East Asian region, cultural identity of the contemporary Muslim community in Southern China. If you would like to know more about Jimmy, please visit https://www.history.cuhk.edu.hk/profile/fok-yeung-yeung/

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