Prof KIM Keong Tae

WS Teacher’s message #10

Dear students,

I’m Keongtae, and thrilled to be a part of Lee Woo Sing College! Being a member of Lee Woo Sing College is such an honor and I couldn’t be more excited! As a professor at the business school, I am particularly passionate about teaching subjects such as business analytics and blockchain. It is my sincere hope that the students at Lee Woo Sing College will be inspired to become leaders not only in Hong Kong but also beyond. I am excited about the prospect of playing a role in your development and empowering you to achieve your fullest potential.

Given the recent political unrest and the impact of the pandemic, it’s understandable that students at Lee Woo Sing College may feel uncertain about their future. However, as Hong Kong begins to return to normalcy, I encourage you to think about your future in a positive light. While the challenges you face are significant, they also present opportunities for growth and innovation. By embracing a can-do attitude and focusing on your goals, you can build a brighter future for yourself and your communities. As a teacher, I am here to support and guide you as you navigate your academic and professional journeys. Together, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve great success.

On a final note, I have always been fascinated by learning about people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. As a Korean, I believe it would be wonderful if our college could host events where members from different countries can share their unique cultures with one another. By embracing our differences and celebrating our shared humanity, we can build stronger bonds of understanding and respect. I look forward to participating in such events and learning from my fellow LWS members from around the world.

About Prof KIM Keong Tae

Associate Professor of Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, joined LWS College in 2018. His main research focuses on crowdfunding, digital innovation/entrepreneurship, FinTech, and Economics of AI/ML. He has consulted for and collaborated with several companies such as Naver and Wadiz. He is passionate about Economics of Information and Technology, Digital Finance, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Economics of AI/ML. If you would like to know more about Prof KIM, please visit

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