Prof. CHUI Tsz Yeung Harold 崔子揚教授

WS Teacher’s message #9

Dear students,

What do you see in this painting?

Painting in Chile during Prof. Harold's first trip to an academic conference many years ago

I got this painting in Chile during my first trip to an academic conference many years ago, and it has stayed with me since.

To me, there is an element of peace in this painting. A man looking quietly at the tree, and his dog looking quietly at him. Both the man and the dog are looking upwards, a direction that signals admiration and respect. It reminds me to be humble before nature, and that my presence can matter to others as well. Being connected with nature and others is important for me.

The colour tone is simple and soothing, and the contrast between figure and ground is clear. The orange leaves and ground represent beauty of the fall. Such beauty, however, is transient, just like many other good things in life. We need to treasure them and enjoy what they offer us for as long as they last.

These are just my interpretations. What about yours? How do the interpretations reflect your values and preferences? If you can change something on this painting, what would that be? Discuss your answers with your friends – or someone special – on Valentine’s Day. You may start to see and understand each other in a different light.

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