Prof. Ellis FOK

WS Teacher’s message #7

Dear students,


下學期開始,高年班的本科生及研究生都在躊躇著怎樣完成他們的畢業論文。記得自己也是一樣,「想當年」我光是構思論文的結構已經花上非常多時間。於是,在猶豫不决之際,去了請教導師的意見。果然,得到的回覆是 「齋諗冇用,諗到大概係咁就寫咗出嚟先啦」。 原來,我們的創意思維可以天馬行空,計劃如何實踐可以天花龍鳳,可惜到要踏出第一步時,卻又欠一份勇氣,或是左顧右盼,心想「這樣不好,那樣不行」。最諷刺的是,過了一段時間後,我們好可能在市場上見到跟自己當初理念差不多的東西,卻又後悔,問自己當初為什麼不放手一搏。

各位同學,你們有沒有試過在腦海中閃過一些念頭,是「呢條橋一定得,可以怎麼怎麼做,只可惜我沒有資源!」呢?有見及此,今年書院推出了一個名為 “DARE”的計劃,鼓勵同學及校友們做一位創造者。我們將會幫助你踏出重要的第一步,實現你的創意或想法。同學及校友們可以以個人或組隊形式參加。該計劃將會提供學習工作坊,給予起始資助,幫助你建立人脈,藉此尋求專業意見及支持繼續發展。如果你有點子的話,快來參加吧!





The First Step

At the start of the second semester, senior undergraduate and postgraduate students often struggle with completing their thesis for the degree. I was no different when I was doing my graduate study. I still recall the months I spent just planning the framework of the thesis, a.k.a. the table of contents. My progress is so lagging behind that I need to seek advice from my mentor. The suggestion is very simple and difficult “start writing the first paragraph!” Apparently, many of us share the same struggle. Our creative minds can be wild, and the implementation plan can be well-thought-out. But when we take the first step, we lack courage; we turn around and put off doing it. The worst thing is, after some time, you regret not taking action in the first place when you see something very similar, if not the same.

Dear WSees, did you ever have a brilliant idea that you bet would work but lack the resources to take action? The college has launched a “DARE” program this year to nurture our students and alumni to become creators. We will help you to take the first step by providing workshops, starting budget, and opportunities for pitching and networking. Come and join the “DARE” program if you have an idea in mind. Applications from individuals or teams are welcome.

In the coming semester, we will resume regular gatherings with students during tea time or happy hour. If you would like to chat with Master, Associated Master and other teachers, please stay tuned for the coming events. Lastly, I would like to take this chance and wish everyone a smooth and rewarding semester.

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