Mr. Calvin Au Yeung

WS Teacher’s message #6

Dear students,

Greetings Students of Lee Woo Sing College.

My name is Calvin, and I am happy to be a part of such a great establishment of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a Physical Education lecturer, I aim to promote physical activity, health and wellness through education, research, leadership, cohesiveness and opportunity. I would love to embark on this mission through the synergies among the students and residents within Lee Woo Sing College.

Due to the recent setbacks caused by the pandemic, our mission has never been more urgent given what we now know about the personal health and well-being. I invite students of Lee Woo Sing College to be advocates of the society, leading the way by setting examples of being well-rounded, well balanced, physically active and academically sound individuals. Along the way in your university experience, I hope you all gain benefits for your academic experience, health, social networks, and leadership skills, which will enable you to reach the goals that can help you create your future.

Nonetheless, I am privileged to be a part of Lee Woo Sing College. I hope to see all of you continue to strive and achieve. And above all, I encourage you all to keep exploring, having fun, learning and reflecting on whatever it is that sparks interests in your heart.

I hope you have a challenging, enjoyable, physically-active and rewarding year.

About AU YEUNG Ka-hym, Calvin

Assistant Lecturer of PEU, joined LWS College this year. His past experiences lie in the health and wellness field. He specialises in strength and conditioning and sport nutrition, working with professional sports teams and athletes. He is passionate about sport and education. If you would like to know more about Calvin, please visit

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