Mrs. Alice LAW 羅霍玉卿女士

WS Teacher’s message #4

Dear students,

打卡成為現代人的生活習慣, 當我們到達一個好地方,自然地舉起手機將美景拍下,希望在人生路途上留下痕跡,也與朋友分享美好回憶。 你認為和聲書院最佳的打卡點在那裡?

今年選擇和聲書院第一及第二志願的新生創下歷史新高,在面試的時候,很多同學不約而同地說: 「選擇和聲書院是因為喜歡她的和諧氣氛。」不錯,「和」是書院的核心價值,我們致力在不同層面的活動締造和諧歡愉的氣氛。

和聲書院今年15歲了,即是 60歲(甲子)的1/4。香港中文大學將慶祝60周年 ,如果甲子代表穩重和有成就 。15歲的書院意味著充滿活力,勇闖未來的青年。在這重要時刻,書院準備製作一幅巨型的壁畫「百和圖」掛在書院入口的側牆。顧名思義,「百和圖」是由百多個「和」組成,選自書法名家撰寫不同字體的「和」字組合而成,我們邀請師生共同雕刻製作,每人雕刻一塊畫磚,上面除了「和」字也會刻上一個代表你的中文字。

「百和圖」將會成為和聲書院的最佳打卡點,相信對於有份參與雕刻的同學來說,它不單是打卡勝地,也刻畫了同學在書院留下的歷史痕跡,記錄他與一眾和聲人共建百和的美好回憶! 你又怎可以錯過參與製作的黃金機會呢?

“Photo Check-in” (打卡) becomes a common practice. When we visit a beautiful place, we would take out our mobile phone immediately to capture the wonderful scenery and share our sweet memory with our friends! What do you think is the best ‘photo check-in’ spot at Lee Woo Sing College?

Lee Woo Sing College has hit a record high of freshmen choosing us as their first and second preference. During the admission interview, many students said they chose WS because they are attracted by the harmonious atmosphere. “Harmony” is the vision and core value of the College. We strive to provide a joyful and harmonious atmosphere in every aspect of your college life.

The College will celebrate her 15th birthday which is ¼ of 60 years old (甲子). CUHK is celebrating the 60th anniversary that presents her maturity and remarkable achievements. 15th years old is young representing the College is energetic and ready for challenges and flying high. In celebrating this significant milestone, the College will make a “Wall of Hundred Harmony” (百和圖). It is a huge ceramic wall painting comprised of over hundred words of “和(Harmony)” written by famous calligraphers to be installed on the wall next to the College entrance. We would invite the WS students and teachers to join this wonderful project. Each person will engrave on one tile with a word “和(Harmony)” and a Chinese word representing you.

The Wall of Hundred Harmony will be a distinctive College landmark and the best ‘photo check-in spot.’  For those who have joined the production, it will engrave a historical record of your participation in building up the ‘harmonious’ college landmark and the unforgettable joyful memories of your college life! Do not miss such golden opportunity to enroll for the production workshop.

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