Prof. CHUI Tsz Yeung Harold 崔子揚教授

WS Teacher’s message #3

Dear students,

A month has passed since the beginning of the academic year. Are there any surprises, or are things pretty much in line with your expectations? Have you found people or things that excite you, or are you still on the search?

For each of these questions, you might have chosen one answer over the other. However, you may also answer “both” or “it depends”. Being able to appreciate the complexities of our situation – not seeing things from a black-and-white or either-or perspective – can help us create a more balanced view. For example, you may be surprised by how difficult one of your courses is, but you can also acknowledge that the other courses are in line with expectation. Such acknowledgement seems trivial, but it can give you the strength needed in that moment to tackle the difficult subject.

Beside complexities, we may also appreciate the changing nature of life by adding “for now” to our statements. For example, I am still searching for the people or things that excite me…for now. In the depths of our frustration or disappointment, we often feel that our struggles are not going to change, and that we will stay in the same unhappy position for a long time. But as much as the saying, “change is a constant in life,” applies as a caveat for people to not take good things for granted, it also applies to the challenging periods: they can change too!

Anyway, take good care as the semester gets busier and busier. Hope to see you at the Lee Woo Song College 15th Anniversary Opening Ceremony next Friday (14/10/2022)!

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