WS15 Annviersary Photo Assembly Phrase II

WS 15th Anniversary Photo Assembly Phrase II

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Lee Woo Sing College, the college is organizing the “WS 15th Anniversary Photo Assembly Phrase II”. We sincerely invite all teachers, alumni, students and staff from WS, as well as CUHK to share your “WS15″ with us by submitting photos with the elements of “W”, “S”, “1” and “5”. The photos collected will be put together as a collage, which will be used as a backdrop at the opening ceremony of the 15th anniversary of the College. Participants may make the submission at WS15 Photo Assembly. The deadline for submission is 11:59 pm on September 30.

Participants who successfully submit their photos and meet the criteria will receive a WS15 token. which can be used for lucky draw. During the College’s 15th anniversary, a toy capsule vending machine will be set up on the ground floor in the lobby. With a token, you can draw a capsule.

For details, please contact us via Instagram @cuhklws or visit the website for the College’s 15th anniversary. WS15

*Photos of handwritten words or computer graphics are not acceptable.

*Only jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, heic files are accepted, and the file size should be smaller than 5MB.

Rules for Lucky Draw

  1. After participating in any WS15 event, participants can redeem a token for the toy capsule vending machine at any time when the booth is opened. There is no deadline for redemption. However, the lucky draw will end on 30 May 2023.
  2. Besides participating in WS15 events, you may also purchase a token at $15.
  3. Upon redemption / purchase of the token, the token must be used immediately.

Prizes List      

1.  $15 WS Canteen Coupon

2.   WS Embroidery Badge X 1

3.  WS Sparkling Water X 1

4.  Free Souvenir Laser Engraving Service Once

5.  Free Cooking Class For Once

6.  Personalized Coaster X 1

7.  Rapid Test Kit X 1

8. Monthly Grand Prize X 1

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