Dr. Mok, Edwin K.M.

#20 WS Teacher’s Message

Dear students,

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人生就像投資,將來的果,就來自今天起一點一滴的努力。當然享受大學生活也是很重要,相信大家好快學會如何work hard play hard,就讓自己在這幾年變成像Tesla一樣的增長股!

Hello everyone, my name is Edwin and I am happy to join the Woo Sing family last year.

I come from the Business School, and the most-asked questions from my students are usually about investment. Recently, the hottest topic is the analysis of GameStop. But the GameStop is a complicated incident that involves value investment, short-seller, short-squeeze, and even the controversy on the ideology. It is difficult to explain one by one here. Thus, I think It is better for me to answer another most-asked question from the students – what should one invest now?

Cryptocurrencies, stocks of electric car companies, or initial public offering (IPO)? While these may all be good investments, I guess the most worthwhile investment for our students is to invest in yourself. There is a time window when one can determine one’s own future, and I would say the few years in university would be the most critical. Allocate the resources and time on acquiring new knowledge, broaden your exposures, build connections, and try to step out of your comfort zone. Equip yourself and grab the opportunity when it comes. The rewards in life enrichment are definitely better than stock investment.

I would like to share with you an experience. When I was looking for a job after graduating many years ago, I suddenly received a call from a classmate (there was no WhatsApp at that time, so you can imagine it was a long time ago). It was a surprise to receive his call because we were not that close. I was guessing if he wanted to send me an invitation to his wedding or to convince me to make an investment. Fortunately, before I spoke, he said that he knew I was looking for a job, so he planned to ask if I was interested in joining his company. I was very happy, but at the same time quite shocked about the invitation, so I asked him, Why me? He said that he has known me because we took many courses together and I was the one who was answering the professors’ questions like Hermione in Harry Potter, although we haven’t actually spoken to each other.

Life is like making an investment. A little input from each day will add up and shape our future. While enjoying U-life is also important, I believe you will learn to “work hard and play hard”, so that you can become a growing stock like Tesla (TSLA) in the years to come.

About Dr MOK:

Lecturer of Department Finance, joined Lee Woo Sing College in 2019. He is interested in corporate finance, empirical asset pricing and IPO markets. If you would like to know more about Dr Mok, please visit https://www.bschool.cuhk.edu.hk/staff/mok-edwin-k-m/.

Wish you a healthy and prosperous Year of Ox!

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