Dr. Sarah LUK 陸秀霞博士

#15 WS Teacher’s Message

Dear Woo Singers,

“Me” Merry Christmas

聖誕節往往代表奇蹟將臨,這個聖誕節前夕,我閱讀了一年級同學的Me Project,每一個Me Project就好像一顆顆耀眼閃爍的小星星掛在聖誕樹上,發出小小光芒。一年級同學的Me Project只做自己可以及喜歡的小事情,沒有高估自己的能力,也沒有小看自己。例如為家人煮飯、獨自遠足、重拾運動樂趣、改變生活習慣及畫一隻貓等。這些都是平實有趣的Project,沒有嘩眾取寵,不需模仿別人,也不用比較高底,按着自己的步伐踏實的走出去,不計較理想遠大還是微少,就在自己的角落發揮光芒。或許我們不再期望聖誕節的奇蹟,因為它就在每一天踏實的一小步裡。祝願聖誕快樂,期待你有層出不窮的”ME PROJECT” 。

“Me” Merry Christmas

Christmas often reminds us of the amazing and miraculous things in life. While this Christmas is drawing near, I spend long hours reading the “Me Project” reports written by our first-year students. These projects are like stars aggregated on a Christmas tree, each twinkling and emanating its unique brilliance. In these projects, first-year students wrote about what they are capable and fond of doing without overestimating nor underrating themselves: preparing meals for their families, hiking on their own, picking up sports again, making changes in daily routines or even just making a sketch of a cat. Without being ostentatious, these down-to-earth projects glow radiantly in their own places. Perhaps we no longer expect grand miracles during Christmas, little miracles happen in our daily lives among the things we do. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! May your lives be always abundant in these wonderful “ME PROJECTs”!

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