Dr. Sarah LUK 陸秀霞博士

#10 Imagine there’s no accompaniment in life

Dear Woo Singers,

Imagine there’s no accompaniment in life

The most familiar piece of cello music by Johann Sebastian Bach, the unaccompanied cello suite was actually written in 1720 but was only revealed to the world 170 years later in 1890. The world was astonished by the premiere of the suite as no one was aware at the time that cello could be made the protagonist of a piece of music as early as three hundred years ago. It is acclaimed by cellists as the most elegant work and the hardest one for practice. What makes it unique among the cello repertoire is its lack of accompaniment. Three centuries ago, cello always only played a minor and modest role. As rarely could it be the focus in the past, how it finally became the Cinderella among musical instruments under the hands of Bach has aroused the amazement of the audience. Listening to the suite is like hearing a story of solitude, not loneliness, which comforts those who sometimes feel themselves being unaccompanied on their life journey and tells them solo could be wonderful too. Boundless variations produced by a cello keep coming in the 36 sessions of the six suites. In a sense it sounds like the low hum of someone inviting you to see the universe through the lens of creativity whenever you are tormented by feelings of insignificance and be liberated by thoughts which are like seasonings added to your insipid life. Fear not the solos occasionally happened in your life as you can be your own audience. One day your unique and beautiful music would echo in someone’s mind.


巴赫 (Johann Sebastian Bach)最廣為人熟悉的無伴奏大提琴組曲於1720年創作,經過170年之後,此樂曲於1890年重見天日。此無伴奏大提琴樂譜組曲面世之時,驚為天人。沒有人想到,三百年前的大提琴能夠成為音樂的主角,更被譽為大提琴界最優雅及最考功夫的超級練習曲。此曲獨特的地方是無伴奏,三百年前,大提琴一直都是配角,他總是配合其他樂器,是一個低調的陪襯品,甚少成為主角,巴赫無伴奏大提琴組曲就是在這樣石破天驚的情況下產生,不禁令人驚嘆,配角成為主角,匪夷所思。聆聽組曲的時侯,他娓娓道來一個孤單卻不寂寞的故事,猶如安慰。若人生暫時未能找到伴奏的人,自己一個獨奏也可以很精彩,六章共36段的樂曲變化多端,由一種低調的大提琴產生,近乎人聲的低鳴,他告訴你如果你覺得自己渺小沙塵,創意可以給你一個遼闊的宇宙,如果你覺得生活孤單乏味,跳脫的想法可以給你一點調味。不要懼怕人生短暫的無伴奏,自己可以成為自己最好的聽眾,將來如果找到共鳴的人,你美妙獨特的音韻也不會因此而被埋沒。

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