Prof. Harold CHUI 崔子揚教授

#8 Autumn is Here!

Dear Woo Singers,

Autumn is here and the weather is great for outdoor activities. I had a chance to hike and watch the sunset recently. The grandness of nature reminds me that I am just one mini, tiny part of the universe. When we get caught up at work or in our relationships, we become much focused on getting what we want. In the process, we magnify the problems we face and have difficulty seeing alternatives. This does not mean that we should give up on our goals quickly and change paths as soon as we encounter setback, but it does help to observe from an outsider perspective and not be constantly immersed in our “bubble of trouble.” We can then appreciate the beautiful things and people around, and remember that we are just one mini, tiny part of the universe.

Autumn is here
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