#6 Like / 俾個like

I believe most people prefer recognition and appreciation rather than being criticized. 

On social media, we can easily send a dozen of “Like” with a few clicks. But in reality, how often do we appreciate the good that is happening around us? Sometimes, because our life is overloaded, we may have forgotten to appreciate the love and cares of our beloved. Or because we grew up in a culture that prefers criticisms and accusations than affirmation and encouragement, we seldom show our appreciation towards anything.

The power of showing your affirmation and appreciation is compelling in building and maintaining a good relationship. How to make a compliment is an art. We may need practices to deliver it sincerely, naturally and precisely. And while learning to appreciate others, remember to appreciate yourself. This semester, let’s try to find something that deserves a “Like” and say it verbally, not virtually!






#Positive reinforcement



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