Dr. YU Sunhee 柳善姬博士

#5 Welcome Back to Lee Woo Sing College!

Dear Woo Singer,

This year, the DoS/ADoS message will be extended to all affiliate teachers. This forum becomes the new “WS Teacher’s Message”. This week, we are delighted to have Dr. YU, our affiliated teacher from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language to share the following message with all of you.

Welcome back to Lee Woo Sing College!
We are so glad to have you guys in our college. We understand that this year has been tough due to the unexpected pandemic, hindering us from focusing on our studies, meeting new peers, and enjoying school activities. However, we must realize that this experience can make us stronger, giving us lessons in the end. Even though the whole situation can demotivate you from concentrating, here are some tips to help you a bit:

Keep the daily routine: Online classes can distract you from having the usual daily rhythm. Therefore, I encourage you to set a time to wake up, take shower, open lecture notes, and preview before the class. Though it may be hard in the beginning, once you get used to it, you can discover yourself adjusting to the routine.

Be organized: Write down all your courses and deadlines. Try to complete tasks at two to three days before the deadline.

Start your morning with fresh exercise: Exercises will help you awake and concentrate better throughout the day. You can start with ten minutes workout on Youtube and increase the time later on.

Find a hobby: During the pandemic, it is advised for you to stay at home. In order to spend your time wisely, it’s important for you to find a hobby and keep engaging yourself in an activity. For example, you can start baking and share it with family, spreading joy.

About Dr YU Sunhee:

Lecturer of Department of Linguistics and Modern Language, joined Lee Woo Sing College in 2017. Since her network with Ewha Womans University, the College successfully organised an exchange programme to Ewha Womans University in 2018/19. If you would like to know more about Dr. Yu, please visit http://ling.cuhk.edu.hk/p_yu.php

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