Prof. Harold CHUI 崔子揚教授

#2 Add/Drop Period and Mentorship Programme

Dear students at LWS,

As the second week of the term just ended, I hope you have decided on the courses to keep and the courses to drop. Depending on different programme requirements, course selection may not be an option for everyone, but having an add/drop period is another illustration of the diverse choices that undergraduate students are given during their university career. 

Choices present opportunities and risks, and the process of making decisions can be overwhelming at times. It expends mental energy and emotional resources. I am sure this is not unfamiliar to you, especially for freshmen who recently made many decisions about their major, university, and college, all within a short period of time. 

When we need to make important decisions, it is good to collect as much information as possible, particularly from people who have firsthand experience with the matters of concern. The college system at CUHK aims to facilitate interaction among students from different years and across disciplines, so that they can broaden their vision and obtain support from more people as they navigate through university life. 

This year, the mentorship program at LWS has recruited 39 mentors from the upper years who will provide support to our first-year students. The mentors have been selected because of their passion and dedication to others, so I strongly encourage the first-year students to get to know your mentors when they reach out to you. Hopefully you will find the interaction with mentors and other mentees in the group meaningful and enjoyable as you begin building connections at LWS. 

Have a good Term 1!

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