#15 Don’t Wait

Dear LWS students,

There are many problems around the World. It may seem like there are more problems now than ever before; but the fact is, there have always been problems, and unfortunately, there will probably always be problems. Things like diseases, war, famine, earthquakes, typhoons, etc. Some are man-made. Some are “natural”.

One silver lining to facing such problems is that they often seem to bring people together. Recently, there have been many charity concerts and fundraisers to support the fight against Covid-19 from celebrities all around the World. Previously, I remember similar events where different organizations and individuals raise money or personally go help after the tsunamis/earthquakes affecting various parts of Indonesia (2018) and Fukushima/Sendai in Japan (2011), the earthquake in Sichuan (2008), and the Indian Ocean tsunami that claimed an estimated 220,000 lives (2004). While these efforts are all helpful and admirable, it made me realize that people often focus on the big issues and neglect the minor day-to-day things that may be even more important. These large events get the most news coverage and internet buzz, but there are many things that we should do which does not require us to wait until something major happens. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Volunteer at a local social service organization. Learn a new skill. Whatever you’re passionate about, don’t wait, get started today.

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