#13 A Built-in VeriGuide / 內置VeriGuide

Dear LWS students,

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new experiences and challenges to us. The classes have switched to eLearning, and the use of VeriGuide becomes the routine for submitting the online assignments. Some students teased that the VeriGuide is a dummy academic integrity system that can be faked by merely modifying the vocabulary or rearranging the sentence structure. But I consider it a smart system. It shows you the similarity of your works and those by others. More importantly, it is also a mind-reader that reflects our attitude of learning i.e. are you a smart copy cat or an honest innovator. What is your attitude in using the VeriGuide? Are you honest with yourself? If we all have to hand in a lifelong assignment in the end, maybe the lockdown period is the right time to review the report by the built-in VeriGuide in our inner self.


面對持續的疫情,我們的生活模式改變了不少,連學習模式也有全新的體驗和挑戰。在疫情下,網上學習 (eLearning) 和維誠系統(VeriGuide) 成為同學們的日常。提到維誠,有些同學笑它是個「傻瓜」的學術誠信檢查系統,因為只需要改改辭,組組句,引用參考,要通過它並不困難。我卻認為它非常聰明,這套系統不僅幫助我們找到有幾多份相似的功課和論文,亦同時找出和自己有相似論點的人,所謂「知彼」。而且,它擁有的超級讀心術,如實地反映出我們求學和處事心態,究竟是想成為一隻高階「複製貓」,還是一個𢤦得融會貫通、創新立論的人? 所謂「知己」。

在《大學》經中提到「所謂誠其意者,毋自欺也。」今天,你抱着什麼心態用維誠,什麼心態求學呢?你對自己誠實嗎? 如果每個人都要對自己交一份生命作業,或許在疫情中多出來的靜處沉澱時間,是時候看看我們內心的VeriGuide報告了。



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