Shanghai Fraternity Association Lee Woo Sing Diligence Bursary

Lee Woo Sing College is delighted to receive a generous donation of HK$300,000 from Shanghai Fraternity Association Hong Kong Limited, with effect from the academic year 2017-18, for the establishment of Shanghai Fraternity Association Diligence Bursaries.  For 2017-18, bursaries will be offered to 15 financially needy students who demonstrate diligence in their studies.  Each bursary recipient will be awarded HK$20,000.  The bursaries are for current full-time undergraduate students, with priority given to local students. A quota of 15 is given to Lee Woo Sing College students. All applicants must pass the means test and have achieved a GPA score of at least 2.7 in the previous academic year (for non-first year students) or in the first semester (for first year students only).

Number and Value

Each bursary recipient will be awarded HK$20,000.  There will be 15 awards of bursaries with total amount of HK$300,000 each year.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible for the Bursaries, candidates should:

- Be full-time undergraduate students affiliated to Lee Woo Sing College;

- Priority will be given to local students;

- For Year 2 or above students, Grade Point Average (GPA) must be 2.7 or above in previous academic year;

- For Year 1 students, GPA must be GPA of first year must be 2.7 or above in Term 1 (equivalent to B- or above); and,

- Have financial needs#

#Applicants are required to provide proof of household financial situations (e.g. income proof, bank statement, etc.) And, Applicants are required to declare if they have part-time jobs.

Administrative Procedures

The Scholarship is open for application.  All applications will be sent to the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee of the College for consideration and nomination. Shanghai Fraternity Association Hong Kong Limited will be the final;

- Applicants are required to provide an explanation letter (not more than 400 words in Chinese) on how they will be diligent for their learning;

- If the applicants have continuous financial needs, they can apply again in next semester;

- The awardees may need to meet with the donor to share their learning experiences at CUHK; and,

- The Scholarship will be administered by the College Office of Lee Woo Sing College in accordance with the above regulations.