Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association Scholarship

Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association Scholarship

In order to encourage current students to participate in the College activities proactively, Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association (WSAA) has generously donated HK$2,000 to the College for the establishment of non-admission scholarships with effect from the academic year 2017/18.

Regulations governing the award of the admission scholarship are detailed below,

Name of the Scholarship

The Scholarship will be named “Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association Scholarship”

Number and Value of Scholarship

There will be 2 awards of scholarships of HK$1,000 each.  The annual total amount is HK$2,000.

Selection Criteria
  • Should be full-time students admitted to any full-time undergraduate program;
  • Have active participation in extracurricular activities and outstanding contribution to College, committee members of college societies and graduation classes are preferred;
  • Promise to join WSAA after graduation
Administrative Procedures

-          The Scholarship is open for application or the College may nominate suitable candidates  based on the above selection criteria;

-          All applications and nominations will be sent to the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee of the College for consideration and nomination;

-          The scholarship recipients may be required to meet WSAA members or write a proposal to WSAA to share their planning of WSAA; and,

-          The Scholarship will be administered by the College Office of Lee Woo Sing College in accordance with the above regulations.