Hamen Fan Shi Hoo Residents' Work Scheme

Mr. Hamen Fan Shi Hoo has donated HK$1million to set up an endowment fund “Hamen Fan Shi Hoo Endowment Fund”. The purpose of this Scheme is to offer paid campus work opportunities to local or non-local residential students affiliated to Lee Woo Sing College.  The Scheme also aims to encourage the students to enrich the work experience portfolio for their future career, and enhance staff-student relationship and the sense of belonging of students to the College.  Regulations governing the award of the bursaries are detailed below.

Name of the Bursaries

The bursaries will be named "Hamen Fan Shi Hoo Residents' Work Scheme" and in Chinese「范思浩宿生攻讀計劃」.

 Number and Value of Bursary

The amount for each bursary is capped at HK$2,000 per term.  There will be 20-40 awards per year (i.e. 10-20 awards per term).  The payment for students will be aligned with the rate for the Student Campus Work Scheme administered by the University, i.e. $55/hour, as well as the conditions of engagement as Student Helpers with University stipulated by Bursary, i.e. working hours should be LESS than 18 hours per week within the University; and the duration of the engagement should NOT exceed 59 days.

 Selection Criteria

To be eligible for the Bursaries, candidates should be local or non-local residential students of Lee Woo Sing College admitted to any full-time undergraduate programme.