Flourish in Harmony Best Graduate in Faculty of Arts Award

Mrs. Jean Fung has kindly pledged to donate HK$500,000 annually to support scholarship and student activities at Lee Woo Sing College with effect from the academic year 2017/18.  Regulations governing the award is detailed below,

Name of the Award

The award is named as “Flourish in Harmony Best Graduate in Faculty of Arts Award” and in Chinese 「方興未艾」傑出文學院畢業生獎.

Number and Value of Award

There will be one award given to the best graduate in the Faculty of Arts in the amount of HK$21,600.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible, candidate must:

a. be a local full-time graduating female student;

b. be major in Faculty of Arts, preferably in History, Chinese Language and Literature, or Philosophy;

c. demonstrate excellent academic performance with a minimum of Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.3;

d. show contribution to the College; and

e. be aspired to contribute to the community after graduation

Shortlisted candidates are required to attend a selection interview.

Administrative Procedures

The award is open for application and nomination. Each applicant shall write a passage (no less than 400 words in Chinese or English) to show what she has learned during the university study and plan upon graduation.  All applications will be sent to the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee of the College for consideration and nomination. The particulars of the nominee and her passage will be sent to the donor for information.

The Award will be administered by the College Office of Lee Woo Sing College in accordance with the above regulations and University policies and procedures.