CUHK Scholarship for Children of the Disciplined Services

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has held a fundraising event “An Evening with the Best of the Best” in 2015 and allocated a sum of HK$1,000,000 from donation to set up “CUHK Scholarship for Children of the Disciplined Services”.  The scholarship will be awarded from 2015-16.  Regulations governing the award of the scholarships are detailed below.

1.   Name of the Scholarship

The scholarships will be named “CUHK Scholarship for Children of the Disciplined Services” and in Chinese 「紀律部隊職工子弟獎學金」.

2.   Number and Value

Each year there will be 7 awards of scholarship (HK$20,000 each).

3.   Selection Criteria

To be eligible for the Scholarships, candidates should:

- be full-time undergraduate students;

- be the children of the following Hong Kong Disciplined Services (serving, retired or deceased employee), including Hong Kong Police Force (香港警務處), Hong Kong Fire Services Department (香港消防處), Immigration Department (入境事務處), Correctional Services Department (懲教署), Customs and Excise Department (香港海關) and Government Flying Service (政府飛行服務隊);

- have achieved good academic attainment: good academic results during secondary education and in public examinations for first year students; or a Year GPA of 3.0 for year 2 or above students up to the summer session;

- Financial need of applicants may also be considered; and

- Preference is given to students of Lee Woo Sing College.

4.   Administrative Procedures

The Scholarship will be administered by Lee Woo Sing College and the details of application will also be disseminated through Office Admissions and Financial Aid.  All applications will be sent to the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee of the College for consideration and nomination.  The particulars of the nominees will be sent to Dr. Leung Fung-yee Anita, the Chairman of Organizing Committee of “An Evening with the Best of the Best”, for record.