Application Method and Procedures

Application Method

A) For Admission Scholarships

(1) Open for application

(2) By nomination

B) For Non-admission Scholarships, Overseas Exchange Awards and Bursaries

(1) Open for application

(2) nomination by Faculty or College member*

* If the application is by nomination, a support letter from Faculty or College member has to be included in the set of the supporting documents. You can download the "Support Letter" here.

Application Procedures

Please complete the on-line application form and attach a complete set of supporting documents.  Application without complete supporting documents will be denied:

The following scholarships will open for application from 30/08/2019- 12/09/2019:

Victoria Lee Admission Scholarship

Flourish in Harmony Admission Scholarship

Luen Fung Commercial Holdings Limited Admission Scholarship

Ti Hua KOO and Dorothy ASEAN Countries Admission Scholarship

Ti Hua KOO and Dorothy VEE KOO Traditional Arts & Culture Admission Scholarship

ECA Education Outstanding Athlete Admission Scholarship

The following non-admission scholarships will open for application from 13/01/2020- 30/01/2020:

CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarships and Bursaries Fund

Alumni Association Scholarship

Joanna Lee Outstanding Individual Award

Joanna Lee Outstanding Leadership Award

Joanna Lee Distinguished Non-residential Student Award

Joanna Lee Distinguished College Caring Mentor Award

Joanna Lee Outstanding Team Award

Bursaries open for applications

The Chen Wai Wai Vivien Foundation Limited Emergency Bursaries: CLICK HERE (Year around)

Dr. Wong Yu Hong Overseas Study Trip Loan Scheme: CLICK HERE (Year around)

CUHK Scholarship for Children of the Disciplined Services: CLICK HERE (Deadline: 12/02/2020)

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Ada So at 3943 3722 or email to