College Scholarship and Bursaries

The College provides a full range of scholarships and bursaries to award students with outstanding performance (there are special scholarships for students studying in Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Translation and The Jocky Club School of Public Health and Primary Care) and support students with financial difficulties. The scholarships and bursaries provided in the 2016-17 academic year is around 2 million.

For scholarships and bursaries available in 2017-18, please click HERE to download a copy.

Admission Scholarships

- Ti Hua KOO and Dorothy VEE KOO Admission Scholarships 2017-18

- Victoria Lee Admission Scholarship 2017-18

- "Flourish in Harmony" Admission Scholarship 2017-18

Non-Admission Scholarships

- For (S012) Lee Woo Sing College Overseas Exchange Awards

- For (S024) Founding Master Gold Medal for Graduating Students

- For (S025) Yam Kim Fai and Bai Shet Sin Scholarship

- For (S028) CUHK Golden Jubilee Scholarships and Bursaries Fund

- For (S029) Ivy Ling Po Scholarships

- For (S030) Joseph Sung Scholarships

- For (S032) Helena Wai Scholarships

- For (S034) Joseph Sung Scholarships for Outstanding Performance in Chinese Language and History

- For (S035) Ms. Li Mei Lian Scholarship

- For (S036) CUHK Scholarship for Children of the Disciplined Services

- For (S037) Prince Jewellery and Watch Love and Care Charitable Foundation Scholarship


- For (B007) Dr. Wong Yu Hong Overseas Study Trip Loan Scheme

- For (B008) Student Campus Service Awards

- For (B009) Hamen Fan Shi Hoo Residents' Work Scheme

- For (B010) The Chen Wai Wai Vivien Foundation Limited Emergency Bursaries

- For (B011) Warren Wah Yeun Mok Bursaries

- For (B012) Mei Baojiu Bursaries

- For (B013) Mui Shet Sze Bursaries

- For (B014) Connie Chan Po Chu Bursaries

- For (B015) Shanghai Fraternity Association Lee Woo Sing Diligence Bursary

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