Work Experience Programme

Gaining work experience before students’ graduation is a valuable chance for them to get a head start on a career with an organization, to gain hands-on work experience, to interact with professionals from a particular field, and to build up network for their future career. Through this programme, the College aims to provide opportunities for students to better prepare for their future career life.

Opportunities from AIA, Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Ltd., ESD Services Ltd., Grand Finance Group, Hong Kong Television Network Ltd. and Wing Lung Bank were offered to students.

Below are the sharing from Mr. Ng Chi Tong, a year 3 student major in IBBA. He served as intern at TAL group from 1 June 2015 to 31 August 2015.

"Experience is important for business students. However, during school time, we hardly find any opportunity to work intensively from Monday to Friday. Therefore, in the summer of 2015, through the College, I applied for an internship in TAL Apparel Limited.

Working in the Replenishment Solution Department, I was mainly responsible for data management and analysis on an ad-hoc basis. The most challenging part was that I only studied one course about what I would do as the intern. Fortunately, my colleagues gave me a lot of support. They provided me with several briefing files. It made me easier to pick up and get to know what I was doing. It was my pleasure to have great colleagues and boss. They all inspired me. I did not go there and do whatever I was told to do only. It was about considering other related things. One of my colleagues once reminded me, ‘always review what you do’. This is the most inspiring sentence I learnt.

You may say that it is just a kind of common sense to check what you did. It is true but during the internship, you must do it instead of saying. It is because your mistake can lead to other adverse effects on the performance of the department. Never think that you are an intern and what you do does not affect others much. You must take colleagues’ advice into consideration. However, it is necessary to suggest your own thoughts too. As long as you are giving solid ideas, full-time colleagues and your boss will accept your suggestions. But how do we do it?

In late June, I represented the department at a software workshop. Our IT department thought that software had the potential of being used frequently in our department. Before the workshop, I tried the software for three days. Looking for the possibility of practical use in our department, I communicated with the solution architect at the workshop. After all, I gave presentation on the software to my department. I gave my suggestion during the presentation which is appreciated by my colleagues. Therefore, if you have a chance to express your own view, grab it!

TAL encourages off-work activities. There were different kinds of activities held over the three months, like cake workshop, inter-department football competition, bible sharing etc. Participating in the football competition, I was one of the players for the Supply Chain Management Team. Through the matches, I got to know colleagues from other departments like Fabric Sourcing, IT etc. So if you are invited to join these activities, do not hesitate. Or else you may lose the chance of making friends with other colleagues.

As I mentioned above, you hardly find any opportunity to work like up to nine hours a day during school times. Being an intern during summer times, especially before graduation, is a valuable experience to university students. We can prepare ourselves in order to be a full-time employee after graduation. It will be easier for us to work for long hours if we have been an intern. As for students who do not sleep regularly, an internship will make your biological clock change back to normal. So go grasp your opportunity of being an intern!"

Mr. Ng Chi Tong, a year 3 student major in IBBA with his supervisor in TAL Apparel LimitedMr. Ng Chi Tong, a year 3 student major in IBBA with his intern mate