Wong Fok Luen Elite Development Programme

Wong Fok Luen Elite Development Programme

  • Gateway to a successful career
  • Opportunity to be awarded a free 4-days leadership training trip to Beijing, visiting prime global business organizations

  • Have you thought about your career goal?
  • Are you ready for challenges ahead?
  • Are you competitive in this global world?
  • Do you know how to prepare and present yourself well?

A diamond doesn't start out shining. It requires another diamond saw to polish it - Lee Woo Sing College believes in this saying for nurturing our future leaders and launches the new Wong Fok Luen Elite Development Programme (EDP), supported by a dedicated donation. The EDP provides eye-opening experience for our elite senior-year students guided by very professional instructors and brings them to the world of business via this lifetime opportunity. Participants will receive diversified and multicultural training on social etiquette, cross cultural management and leadership skills which are beneficial to their personal growth and career development.

Motivated senior-year student who:

  • is an undergraduate of Lee Woo Sing College (preferably senior year students)
  • has a cumulative G.P.A. (as of first term, 2015-16) of 3.2 or above
  • submits a CV, and personal and career development plan


  • Certificates of completion upon fulfilling requirements of Stage I & Stage II of the programme.
  • The best 10 elite students (to be recommended by an interview panel) will be awarded a FREE 4-days leadership training trip to Beijing with visits to prime global business organizations. This valuable experience will broaden their horizon and beneficial to their career development.
Programme Instructors

Ms. Sara Jane HO
Founder and Headmistress of Institute Sarita

Ms. HO is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and completed her diploma in international etiquette & protocol in Swiss. She is an etiquette teacher and young entrepreneur from Hong Kong, and established the Institute Sarita, which provides high level etiquette training to clients such as international private banks, luxury products companies and embassies in Hong Kong and China. The Institute was recognized as one of the "World's Most Innovative 50 Companies" by Fast Company magazine in 2014.
Ms. HO herself was listed "Future Women in the Mix in Asia: 12 to Watch" (Forbes, 2013).

Ms. Sara Jane HO

Mr. Aaron YIM

Former News Anchor of Phoenix TV
Certified NLP Trainer

Mr. YIM is a graduate of CUHK, major in Chinese Language and Literature (1987) and obtained his Master degree of International Chinese Teaching in HKIEd. Being a news anchor for over 15 years, Mr. YIM is expert in communication, writing and public speaking. He is often invited by prime corporations and the government to host major ceremonies. In recent years, he taught Chinese language, culture and public speaking courses in tertiary institutes in Hong Kong and China.

Mr. Aaron YIM

Programme Contents and Stages

Stage I – Seminar and workshops
Participants are required to complete EDPA1 and EDPA2 assemblies and EDPW1, EDPW3, (EDPW4 or/and EDPW5) workshops, and submit a reflection report on what they have learnt in order to proceed to Stage II. Those who are interested in skills of Master of Ceremonies may enroll to EDPW2 workshop. Evaluation of participants’ performances will be carried out in the assemblies and workshops (except EDPW2). Taking instructors’ evaluation results, quality of reflection report and their cumulative G.P.A. into account, a panel of teachers and external assessors will be formed to interview and select participants to proceed to Stage II.

Stage II – Team Building & Leadership Training
Participants in Stage II are encouraged to join EDPT1 Team Building and Challenge Outbound Training to know each other well and build a good team spirit in prior to attending EDPT2 Leadership Training Trip for Elite Students (at Beijing, China).

Stage III – Experience Sharing
Participants completed both stages will be issued a certificate of completion and required to share their experience and what they have learnt in an assembly in September 2016.

Click here to download the programme leaflet (including details of programme such as date, time and venue of classes)


Student interested in joining the programme and fulfilled the requirements as listed in "Eligibility" may submit their application on or before noon, 29 February 2016 (application deadline extended). Students successfully enrolled in the programme will be notified by email on 29 February 2016. We encourage students interested in applying the programme to join our programme briefing session at 5:15pm on 26 Feb 2016 (Room 105, WS1, Lee Woo Sing College), to learn more information about the programme and expected outcome.

Online Application

Please click here to apply online

Mr. Terence YIP, Programme Administrator
Ms. Ada SO, Programme Assistant (T: 3943 3722; E: adaso@cuhk.edu.hk)