Summer Exchange Programmes 2018/19

The College is launching summer exchange programmes from May and June 2019 to provide an enriching summer and cultural exchange experience for Lee Woo Sing College students.

Details are listed below:

Experiential Learning Trip to Western Australia

Experiential Learning Trip to Western Australia

Collaboration: University of Western Australia
Date: 26 May 2019 – 10 June 2019 (16 days)
Quota: 15 students

Trip fees : HK$5,000 + round trip ticket, visa, lunch excursion costs

Get a taste of homestay experience, polish your English and understand local lifestyle and culture… You will exchange your view on various aspects with the Australians. Students participated in past years found that the lives in most of the evenings after meal with their homestay families had a profound effect on what they long believed. “That was actually such a crush to me, which was definitely more than a culture shock” by one of the students…

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Korean Trip

Experiential Learning Trip Korean Exchange Programme  (NEW)

Collaboration: EWHA Womans University 梨花女子大學
Date: 26 June 2019 - 12 July 2019 (17 Days)

Trip Fees: HK$4,900 + Round Trip ticket

Quota: 10 students

A brand new study and living experience in Ewha Womans Univeristy, a famous university at South Korea, is now available for students. You will be able to experience the Korean cultural and learn Korean language during the trip. And the most important thing is, to meet the new Korean friends and exchange your view with them. Workshop will be held before departure, such as introduction to survival Korean, how to get around in the city, general attitude and manner, preparation for a trip etc.

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Silk Road Trip

絲綢之路西北文化考察交流團 (Cultural Trip to Silk Road)  (以下只提供中文版)

日期:2019年5月13日至5月23日 (11天)

對象:16-29歲並持有有效永久性香港居民身份之和聲同學, 且從未參與受「青年內地交流資助計劃」所資助的活動

費用: $4,800

古代絲綢之路乃我國在古時與外地貿易通訊的一個重要地域,以古長安 (今西安) 為起點,途經寧夏,新疆等地,而國家的一帶一路政策正是根據絲綢之路經濟帶所制定。故此,透過親身遊歷絲綢之路,對於了解一帶一路概念有著重要的作用。本交流團能以更深入的角度去分析寧夏、敦煌及新疆在古絲綢之路中的角色﹐進一步了解古絲綢之路及一帶一路政策對古今民生、經濟、環境及地區及文化發展的影響,並透過拜訪當地大學,與當地學生作交流互動,體驗國內教育制度和感受當地風土人情。


有關活動詳情, 再按此


參與交流團之同學將於5月28日下午2時30分出席總結及分享會, 分享交流團的所見所聞, 歡迎有興趣參與之人士出席



地點:和聲書院地下一樓, 劉邱海燕演講室

座位有限, 先到先得

Application Method

1) For those interested in joining the cultural trip to silk road, please click here to register

2) For those interested in joining the Experiential Learning Trip to Western Australia or Experiential Learning Trip Korean Exchange Programme, please click here to register

Students may be invited to participate in a selection interview session, we will send the interview invitation to your email box.

Name of Scholarship/Financial Aid Scheme

  • Lee Woo Sing College Overseas Exchange Awards
  • Ti Hua KOO and Dorothy VEE KOO Overseas Exchange Awards
  • Dr. Wong Yu Hong Overseas Study Trip Loan Scheme  (all year round application)
  • Reaching Out award

For those students who are applying for the College summer exchange programmes can submit the scholarship application before the deadline (Please refer to the details of respective scholarship application). The selection result on College summer exchange programmes will be informed to the Scholarship and Bursaries Committee for their consideration.

*Students participated in any exchange trips are required to contribute to the following:

1. Sharing Report

2. Debriefing Session

3. Sharing in College Assembly

If student cannot fulfill ALL the above requirement, he/she may not be able to join any exchange trips in the future. (the priority would be lowered in all future exchange trips)

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

For Western Australia Programme

Phone: 3943 1582

Other Programmes

Email: /

Phone: 3943 9390/ 3943 1581