Summer Exchange Programmes 2017/18

The College is launching summer exchange programmes from May and June 2018 to provide an enriching summer and cultural exchange experience for Lee Woo Sing College students. The deadline of the application is extened to 26 Feb 2018.

Details are listed below:

Experiential Learning Trip to Western Australia

Experiential Learning Trip to Western Australia

Collaboration: University of Western Australia
Date: 13 May 2018 – 28 May 2018 (16 days)
Quota: 15 students

Trip fees : HK$4,800 + round trip ticket, visa, lunch excursion costs

Get a taste of homestay experience, polish your English and understand local lifestyle and culture… You will exchange your view on various aspects with the Australians. Students participated in past years found that the lives in most of the evenings after meal with their homestay families had a profound effect on what they long believed. “That was actually such a crush to me, which was definitely more than a culture shock” by one of the students…

Xian Cultural Trip

Xian Cultural Trip

Collaboration: Xi'an Jiaotong University

Incoming: 24 May 2018– 31 May 2018
Outgoing: 1 June 2018 - 8 June 2018
Quota: 15 students

Trip fees: HK$1,800

Xian City is one of the ancient cities in China. You can know more about the historical story of this city and have the cultural knowledge of local people via the exchange activities with Xi'an Jiaotong University. You can also make a friendship with Xian students during this bi-direction trip...

Shandong Cultural Trip

Shandong Cultural Trip

Collaboration: Shandong University
Date: 11 June 2018– 15 June 2018
Quota: 6 students
Trip Fees: $500

Confucianism is one of the famous culture and idea from ancient China. Its initiator, Confucius, is from the ancient Lu, that is the current Shandong city of China. By visiting Shandong city, you can learn more about this famous culture and the influence of Confucius and explore more the beautiful city and landscape....

Tai Wan Eco-Trip

Tai Wan Eco-Trip

Date: 24 June 2018– 30 June 2018
Quota: 20 students
Trip Fees: $2800

By site seeing the special natural landscapes and exploring the environmental measurements at Tai Wan, you can learn to respect the natural world and know the importance of being green. You can also experience the living in the green farm during to trip to learn how we can do for the Earth...

Summer Exchange Programmes Briefing Session

Summer Exchange Programmes Briefing Session

The briefing powerpoint can be download here:

Application Method

The application is open from 29 Jan 2018 to 26 Feb 2018. Please refer to the important dates below.

Please click here for the online application form:

Important Dates for Summer Exchange Programmes

29 Jan 2018

Open for Application

2 Feb 2018

Briefing Session

26 Feb 2018 1200

Deadline of Application

End February/ Early March

Selection Interview

Mid-March 2018

Announcement of Application Results

Mid-March 2018

Deadline for accepting offer

1-2 weeks before departure

Pre-departure Briefing

2 weeks after trip completion

Post-trip debriefing session

1 month after trip completionn

Submit a group report and sharing article

Name of Scholarship/Financial Aid Scheme

  • Lee Woo Sing College Overseas Exchange Awards
  • Ti Hua KOO and Dorothy VEE KOO Overseas Exchange Awards
  • Dr. Wong Yu Hong Overseas Study Trip Loan Scheme  (all year round application)

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

For Western Australia Programme

Phone: 3943 1582

Other Programmes

Email: /

Phone: 3943 9390/ 3943 1581