Study Trip to Korea (Language and Culture Learning)

Are you looking for a chance to learn/ enhance Korean Language and Culture? Let’s join the summer study trip to Ewha Womans University!

WS students of all disciplines and years are eligible to apply. (No prior knowledge in Korean Language is required)

Quota: 10

Duration: 2 July 2020 - 20 July 2020 (Placement test: 1 July 2020)

Fee:  $ 5,500 - $6,000 (depends on the exchange rate of currency, including the course fee, accommodation), air tickets and personal expenses are not included.

Credit Transfer: Upon satisfactory completion of the trip, students may apply for transfer credits in Korean (to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis)

Programme requirements:
Participants should
- attend all the pre-departure workshops and meetings, (survival guide/ basic Korean learning)
- attend the debriefing session and sharing session at college assembly
- submit the reports and assignments required (individual report and group project)

Application and Deadline:
Interested students please register via webform
on or before 17 Jan 2020. Late application will not be considered. Applications may be invited to attend a selection interview.

Enquiries: Mr Ricky Tai (

1.This program focuses on language learning with additional culture classes offered by Ewha Womans University. Additional self-paying optional culture classes are also available.
2. No prior knowledge of Korean is required. Placement test will be conducted to classify participants into different classes according to the level in Korean language.

3. There will be outings with LWS Korean teacher and Korean students to explore the city and also regular meetings with the local student buddies.

4. Local student can apply the subsidy by invitation if you are admitted to the programme.