Peking Opera Demonstration

Mr Wang Lijun

Mr Wang is a national class one performer. Graduated from Outstanding Peking Opera Actor Postgraduate Courses of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Mr Wang has won certain prestigious awards related to Peking Opera, including “3rd Plum Performance Award”, “Gold Award of Mei Lanfang”, “1st Chinese Star of Peking Opera”, “16th Shanghai Magnolia Theater Performance Arts Award for Leading Actor” and “Gold Award of 4th Chinese Peking Opera Arts Festival (Martial Arts Contest)”, etc.

Supporting Actors/Actress: Mr Yu Bowen, Ms LengRui and Mr Dou Tianqi, Mr Qin Hao, etc.

Event Highlights: Audiences can interact with the Actors and Actress and learn some techniques of Peking Opera directly on the stage.

4 July 2016 (Monday)
6:30pm - 8:30pm
LT1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK
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List of Operas: “Qiujiang”, “Pick Up the Jade Bracelet”, “Sun Floor”