Chinese Guzheng Performance

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Dr Lunlun Zou

Dr Zou is one of the world's leading Chinese guzheng artists. After graduating from Shenyang Conservatory of Music, she has performed in numerous world's best opera houses and theatres in Sydney, New Zealand, Vienna, Frankfurt, Los Angeles and San Francisco, etc. She has even performed in front of the political and business celebrities, including Mr Jiang Zemin (President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)), Mr John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia) and Ms Jenny Shipley (Prime Minister of New Zealand).

In 2015, Dr Zou became the first instrumentalist to receive the “4th World Outstanding Chinese Artist Award”. As a matter of fact, Dr Zou devoted herself to music wholeheartedly. She strives to promote Chinese and Asian cultural heritage not only in China, but also the world passionately.

Event Highlights: The history of guzheng and the background of each song will be introduced. Audience will be attracted to the power that comes from Dr Zou's guzheng performance.

7 July 2016 (Thursday)
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHK
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Dr Raymond Chan

Dr. Raymond Chan, JP, is the Chairman and CEO of Top Harvest Investment Ltd.  Dr. Chan is one of the pioneers in the electronics industry. Over the years, he provided sponsorships to students on innovative new product design competitions, and the “Hong Kong 200” program organized by the “Hong Kong Federal Youth Group”.  Recently, Dr. Chan established the “World Outstanding Chinese Youth Association” as the Founding President, to encourage young entrepreneurs to actively develop businesses, in their professionals, and to promote Chinese culture and heritage.

Dr. Chan actively involved in practicing Chinese guzheng.  He promoted the charm of Chinese music arts through performing guzheng in charitable events.  It has received positive response and has attracted business people from different sectors and young people to learn Chinese music arts and to promote Chinese culture.