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The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe

The Shanghai KunQu Opera Troupe was founded in 1978 by the great KunQu Master, YU Zheng Fei. The majority of the members of the Troupe was then made up of Graduates from the Shanghai Opera Institute, KunQu classes I, II & III, and nowadays also incorporating those of classes IV & V. The current Chief of the Troupe is Ms. GU Hao Hao, an outstanding pupil of the "Queen of the Female Warrior Actress" - Ms. WANG Zhi Quan.

The Troupe now has THE TOP 8 KunQu opera Performing Magnates of China; about 10 "Plum Blossom Awardees" - the highest honour awarded to opera actors/actresses in PRC, and some of whom has even won the Award more than once; and some also winners of the "Magnolia Awards" - an honourable award of performing arts in Shanghai. The Troupe was also awarded with the honour in 1968 by the Chinese Cultural Ministry as "No. 1 prize winning Troupe for the promotion of KunQu opera", thus known as "First class Troupe, First class actors/actresses and First class performances" in PRC.

Since the establishment of the Troupe some 40 years ago, it has restored some 300 episodes of traditional and some 50 complete shows of KunQu opera. The Troupe performs KunQu opera not only all over PRC, but also in different countries worldwide enjoying extremely high reputation.

8 July 2016 (Friday)
Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHK
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Dr. KOO Ti-hua

Dr. Koo Ti-hua is not only an eminent entrepreneur, he is also a great Kunqu performer and one of the Member of the UNESCO Cultural Committee (Hong Kong). As the first foreign disciple of Kunqu magnate Mr. Yu Zhenfei, Dr. Koo is the first recipient of the Golden Orchid Award by the China Opera Association. For the past 20 years, he has been devoted to promoting Kunqu. He published numerous books and produced DVDs as well as established the Koo Ti Hua Foundation for the Promotion of Kunqu Opera. He supported the Chinese Music Archive of the Department of Music of CUHK to publish a book about traditional Chinese music and he organized, sponsored and performed in various events promoting Chinese opera. Over the years, Dr. Koo has made tremendous donations to support education and cultural development in the Mainland. He has also donated a building as a community health centre in San Franciso, U.S.A.